Yoifune Yasuko

Yoifune Yasuko - Inheritor of the Ketsugan



  • Great
    • Lore
  • Good
    • Investigation, Alertness
  • Fair
    • Empathy, Intimidation, Stealth
  • Average
    • Scholarship, Craftsmanship, Deceit, Performance


  • -1 Supernatural Sense (Ghost Sight)
    • Following the Event, Yasuko's Ketsugan bloodline has been somehow activated, giving her the ability to see and interact with ghosts. Though she has been trained as a medium, as are all daughters of the Ketsugan line, she really has no interest in actually being one. Not that she has much choice anymore. Not that she every really did.
  • -1 Supernatural Sense (Sightjacking)
    • An unexpected development in the wake of the walking dead. Somehow, Yasuko's Ketsugan allows her to hijack the dead eyes of zombies! Though she can't use this power on living humans, it gives her an advantage in dealing with the walking dead.
  • -1 Subtle Menace
    • Though small of stature and outwardly calm and gentle as her name would suggest, Yasuko has deeply-seated problems that would terrify any psychologist. Occasionally, her guard slips, and people meeting her eyes realize how deeply and utterly cracked she is, and it is not a comfortable sensation.

Character Phases

Background (Traditional Upbringing)

Raised to be the inheritor of her mother's bloodline, the Ketsugan. The family runs a shrine/temple for a small not-quite-a-cult sect of Pure Land Buddhism that largely focuses on the restless dead (and are not especially popular in the modern day; aside from the Ketsugan bloodline and a few other families, no one subscribes to it). The shrine/temple does mainstream ceremonies mostly as a way to make ends meet, and Yasuko has been forced to work there as a shrine maiden ever since she was very young. She despises it and doesn't believe a word of the sects creed, but does it anyway to keep the family happy and because it was easier than trying to fight it.

On the plus side, she knows how to put on a kimono.

Life Before High School (Nice Boat)

Despite being a quiet, unremarkable girl with very few friends, Yasuko nonetheless attracted an admirer in her last year of Middle School; eventually the young man in question worked up the courage to ask her out! Being unaccustomed to saying no, Yasuko happily agreed and devoted herself to her new relationship. Unfortunately, the boy in question didn't feel the same way. He got bored of her old-fashioned ways and dumped her for the flavor-of-the-month.

Yasuko refused to accept this. She proceeded to stalk both her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend for weeks, growing ever more overt until eventually they were both afraid to leave their house. The whole episode ended with an emotional breakdown for everyone involved, including Yasuko.

Freshman Year (Wallflower)

After she recovered from her emotional crisis and transferred for a new school for her High School, Yasuko's behavior had returned to its usual quiet and withdrawn nature. Indeed, she was /more/ withdrawn than ever before, and passed most of this year without speaking to a single person outside of class (and not many inside of class). She became an expert at avoiding everyone, anxious not to repeat the experience of the previous year. Her reputation as a wallflower was cemented by this year, and large segments of the school probably aren't even aware she exists.

Junior Year (Shyly Devoted)

Unfortunately, not everyone missed out on her existence, and a clique of senior girls decided that making her life miserable would be an excellent way to pass the time. After a few months of enduring it quietly, Yasuko was saved at last by a fellow classmate's interference - that is to say, this classmate decked the leader of the clique. Yasuko developed a massive crush on the handsome stranger… and then realized that Reiko was a /girl/. Yasuko is still confused about how to deal with this, and the crush remains in place. She hasn't said a word to Reiko yet besides a stammered "T-th-thank y-y-you…."

Senior Year (It's Your Problem Too!)

Yasuko slowly began to come out of her shell this year; one of the more notable experiences of interacting with other human beings involved an incident wherein a gang of bosuzoku were harassing temple patrons, and escaping before the police could show up - eventually the police just gave up, giving the bosuzoku all the time they wanted to harass the temple.

Having watched Reiko from a distance for some time, Yasuko knew that she was associated with Satoshi, another delinquent with a reputation for beating up other bosuzoku. She also worked out that he was unfriendly with this particular gang, and managed to subtly drop sufficient hints with him over a few days that he turned up and cleared out the bosuzoku in what certainly appeared to be an exceptionally painful fashion.

Additional Details

The Ketsugan

A bloodline dating back to the Sengoku Jidai. Women of the specially bred Ketsugan line possess blessed (or cursed) eyes that can attune to the energies of death and see the spirits of the restless dead, enabling them to placate them and lay them to rest so they can properly reincarnate and cleanse their karmic balance. The ability gained its name (lit. "blood eye") from the unfortunate side effect of causing capillaries in the medium's eye to burst when the power was used, and the bloodline itself came to be referred to with the same moniker.

The line, and the Buddhist cult it was associated with, prospered until the late Tokugawa, when the breeding restrictions on the line began to break down and heirs began to be born without an activated Ketsugan. Interest in the cult was lost as its scions could no longer perform the great acts they were once capable of, and the Meiji Revolution all but finished the line off. Since then the line has been passed mother-to-daughter through a single family line, none of them with an activated Ketsugan. Yasuko is the current heir to the Ketsugan.

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