V'neef S'thera



Healthy, tall, and frightfully similar in appearance to her mother (and, therefore, her grandmother, the Scarlet Empress), S'thera cuts an imposing figure. Her hair is a deep auburn, almost mahogany, and she wears it long, in wavy tresses, unless she rides to battle. The orange and red flowers that flare from it, especially at her temples, she keeps pinned back in flamelike sprays, carefully coiffed and pruned. She keeps herself fit, both as a warrior and a woman; in neither case would she wish to be unprepared or unseemly.

In the warm summers of the Qishi prefecture, she wears lightweight yukata or other traditional clothing; easy to move around in, and easy to remove at short notice, as a rule. In less temperate climes, she'll add outerwear, cloaks, and hats as necessary. In the harsh winter, furs and thick hides keep her warm.

She wears a delicate ring of blue jade on her left hand, set with a tiny black stone.


The imposing figure can give way with startling speed to the real S'thera, a gregarious young woman with a serious lust for life (particularly if that life takes the shape of pretty ladies). She makes friends with almost absurd ease, and only the loss of her fiance, Tepet Kedus, has taken even the slightest edge off of her open-hearted nature. Though committed to the growth and prosperity of her family, House V'neef, she is also keenly attached (some might say unrealistically so) to the idea of a strong, centralized Realm.

When given to leisure, she seeks the finer things in life. She is slowly learning the family trade from the inside, rather than merely sampling the many wines House V'neef's vineyards produce. She is commonly seen riding in dressage competitions, and is a frequent competitor on the Gateway circuit, where she has established a small reputation for misleading and inventive strategies that fly in the face of the prevailing wisdom.


  • V'neef (Mother. Duh. b. RY 708, married to Cynis Wisel Ryora)
    • N'kai (Elder Brother, b. RY730; graduate of the Spiral Academy, married to Ledaal Catala Shira)
      • Ledaal Catala Temis (nephew, b. RY752)
      • Ledaal Catala Tieda (niece, b. RY760)
      • ?
    • L'cek (Elder Sister, b. RY735, graduate of the Spiral Academy, married to Ragara Tobrak)
      • S'kena (niece, b. RY754)
      • N'brei (niece, b. RY 761)
      • ?
    • V'saren (Younger Sister, b. 744, graduate of the Spiral Academy, married to Sesus Chenow Isir)
        • D'ranen (nephew, b. RY 767)
    • M'ragus (Younger Brother, b. RY749 student/recent graduate of the Heptagram)
    • D'samis (Younger Brother, b. RY 753, student of the Cloister of Wisdom)
    • R'dechi (Younger Brother, b. RY 758



Str 2
Dex 3
Sta 2

Cha 3
Man 4
Apr 3

Per 3
Int 3
Wit 3


Linguistics 1 (Native: High Realm; Low Realm)
Lore 2

Awareness 3
Integrity 3
Resistance 1
War 3

Athletics 2
Dodge 2
Melee 1
Presence 4
Socialize 3

Investigation 2
Martial Arts 1

Archery 3
Performance 3
Ride 3


Compassion 3
Conviction 3
Temperance 2
Valor 2

Essence 3 (16/35)
Willpower 8

Intimacies: House V'neef (Loyalty), V'neef (Filial affection and loyalty), a United Realm (+), Annelise (Awkward Not-Love-Because-That'll-Never-Work), Gateway (Enthusiasm), the memory of Tepet Kedus (Devotion), Attractive Young Women (Sleeping with), Horses (Enthusiasm), House Tepet (Obligation)

Artifact 4 (Jade Saddle, Wavecleaver Daiklave, Short Powerbow, Articulated Plate, Perfected Brush)
Breeding 5
Command 2 (House V'neef Guard)
Connections 1 (High Society)
Resources 4
Retainers 1 (Annalise + one other)

Dragon-Graced Arrow
Unsleeping Earth Meditation
Investigation I
Presence I
Heaven-Graced Rising Technique
Ebony Spur Technique
Socialize I

Short List of Stuff to Buy

  • Craft 2 (Wood, Air?) (however craft works…)
    • Specialty: Vintner (3)
  • Melee 2-3 (2/6)
  • Linguistics 2 (2)
    • Wind-Carried Words (10)
  • Archery 1 (8)
  • Resources 5 (?)
  • Command 4 (?)
  • Reputation 1 (?)
  • Connections: House Tepet 1 (?)
  • Warm-Faced Seduction Style (8)
  • Ride 4 (6)
    • Specialty: Dressage (3)



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