Archetype: Nova
Source: Genetic
Permissions: Hypertrained, Inhuman Stats, Inventor, One Power, Peak Performer, Power Theme, Prime Specimen, Super.
Intrinsics: Detect Quantum Energy (All novas receive five dice in this power for free), Immunity: Illness (all novas receive two hard dice in this power for free), Susceptibility to Taint.

  • Detect Quantum Energy
    • Perceive: Quantum Energy (Useful)
    • All novas have an M-R Node, the portion of their brain that allows them to direct quantum energies and create the superhuman effects they are known for. The M-R Node also allows novas to detect the flow of quantum energy nearby, including the 'background' quantum radiation flowing through the nodes of novas. Some nodes are more developed, and therefore more sensitive than others, but all novas are capable of at least some sensitivity to quantum energies.
  • Immunity: Illness
    • Immunity: Illness (Useful; Permanent +4, Self-Only -3, If/Then: Natural Diseases Only -1)
    • All novas have highly charged immune systems, making them largely incapable of contracting natural diseases. Certain highly virulent diseases may possess enough power to break the nova's natural defenses, and quantum charged diseases pose a serious risk, but thankfully these are rare.
  • Flaw: Taint
    • Taint is the result of quantum radiation buildup in nova tissues. To date, no baseline has experienced a sufficient saturation of quantum radiation to suffer deleterious effects, but some novas are so taint-ridden and mutated that they are completely unable to pass for human, and are frequently shunned by the community at large - driving them right into the open arms of the Teragen, which celebrates them.
    • In game terms, Taint is accumulated by taking the Taint flaw on a power or hyperstat. Taint's cost as a flaw is variable. When taken in conjunction with a hyperstat, every point the flaw is worth represents a die lost when attempting genuine interaction with baselines (attempts to terrorize, manipulate, or overawe them are not affected by this). This means that no single tainted hyperstat can ever remove more than three dice from such a pool, as the minimum cost for any trait is 1/die. When taken on a power, Taint acts like a traditional Flaw, but the GM chooses appropriate flaws to match the cost of the Taint Flaw: for example, a power with Taint -2 could become Uncontrollable (-2). Such decisions should be made in concert with the character's player, but the GM has final authority on Taint Flaw calls - it's called Taint for a reason.
    • Novas are capable of looking inhuman without being subject to the Taint rules. In this case, the changes are not offputting so much as simply unusual, and while some may have problems with it, others are unlikely to.
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