Project Utopia

Team Tomorrow

  • Caestus Pax (Shelby Eisenfaust)
    • Caestus Pax is the most powerful nova known. Capable of hypersonic flight, feats of immense strength, and control over kinetic energy, he is the leader of Team Tomorrow and the face of Project Utopia. He maintains a carefully composed facade in public most of the time, but has occasionally been seen to lose his temper (particularly when his own integrity or the ideals of Project Utopia are called into question; he especially has no patience for the Teragen or any other group who contradict the novas-as-human stance). Those who work closely with Pax know him to be a harsh taskmaster who is unsatisfied with anything less than 100% effort from his subordinates.
  • Jennifer "Slider" Landers
    • One of the most powerful teleporters known, Slider is capable of pinpoint accuracy across vast distances without a sensory impression of the target location, and can generate warps to bring others with her. Her mass allowance is classified but known to be extremely high. Slider is perhaps the single most popular member of Team Tomorrow, as she remains very down to earth despite her massive fame and fortune. Her thirteen-year-old son, Cody, is generally kept out of the spotlight, as his mother tries to give him the most normal upbringing she possibly can.
    • One of Slider's pet causes is domestic violence. Having escaped from an abusive marriage through her eruption and subsequent employment at Project Utopia, she wants very much to pay it forward by helping other women escape abusive living situations.
  • Spencer "Antaeus" Balmer
    • A British biologist turned anti-deforestation activist, Antaeus erupted while in the Amazon and has gained an almost indescribable rapport with plant and animal life, to the point where his body has actually become a fusion of the two kingdoms. In addition, his intellect has been highly enhanced, particularly in the realm of ecology and biology. Though he is a member of Team Tomorrow and highly effective in combat, Antaeus prefers his new detached role as Chief of Nova Operations in the Bread Basket Project, Utopia's terraforming campaign in Eastern Africa (particularly Ethiopia).
  • Peter "Thorn" Knorr
    • Thorn does not speak about his past often, and the press has learned not to ask. He comes to the Project from a private military background, having served in brush wars and major military campaigns from Africa to Afghanistan. He has the dubious honor of having led the first baseline assault against a nova elite - of which he was the only survivor. This can be in large part credited to his eruption after becoming hopelessly ensnared in barbwire, which he not only gained control of, he actually gained the ability to assimilate it into his body in a spectacularly gory manner. Only a highly enhanced ability to heal compensates for this. Thorn is by far the superior tactician on Team Tomorrow, and he has no patience at all for elites, particularly those deployed against baseline populations.
  • Rikai
  • Skew
  • Pratima "Splash" Basham

Team Tomorrow Investigation Division

  • Team Gold
    • Siren
    • Faraday
    • Amp


  • Count Raoul Orzaiz
  • Caroline Fong
  • Marcel Delorimier (The Apostle)
  • Pedro Santiago (The Mathematician)
  • Tabitha Lowsley (The Traveler)
  • Scripture
  • Geryon
  • Divis Mal
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