Ultimate Aberrant

Congratulations! If you've received this email, it means you are a finalist in the selection program for the new division of Team Tomorrow!

As you know, Team Tomorrow was reorganized in 2013 to better meet the specialized demands of the nova age. Regional Team Tomorrows focus their efforts on the Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia and the Pacific, while Team Tomorrow Prime represents the best and the brightest novakind has to offer the world at large! Of course, every nova member of Project Utopia is a part of the Team Tomorrow Auxiliary, offering their specialized talents whenever and wherever necessary, providing an important part of the charitable work Project Utopia does around the world, quiet heroes making the world a better place.

Regrettably, novas are not immune to human nature. Though thankfully rare, the world has known antisocial and even criminal novas, who use their abilities for selfish and sometimes violent ends. To date, Project Utopia has a strong record of cooperation with law enforcement, most notably in the campaign to dismantle organized crime in North America, but even Team Tomorrow can only apprehend a criminal nova if law enforcement is able to find the suspect or prove their guilt, something that nova abilities can make very problematic for baseline investigators.

For this reason, I am proud to announce that you have been selected for evaluation to form the core of the new Team Tomorrow Criminal Investigations Division. This elite task force will work hand in hand with law enforcement and justice systems around the world, investigating crimes suspected of nova involvement, identifying perpetrators, and seeing that justice is done. It's not a front line task - you won't be going toe to toe with terrorists like Geryon! - but it's no less important.

Best of luck to you all,
Justin Laragione
(Director, Project Utopia)


If you've received this email, it means you have qualified for final selection trials for the Team Tomorrow Criminal Investigations Division. This means you likely meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Dedication to the ideals of Project Utopia
  • Experience with law enforcement or the criminal justice system
  • Nova abilities highly valued in investigative tasks, including but not limited to:
    • Sensory Amplification / Extrasensory Perception
    • Hyperintelligence
    • Enhanced Interactivity (Hypercharisma)
    • Evidence Acquisition / Preservation
  • Formal training as an investigator or detective

Timeline of Ultimate Aberrant, starting in 2008.

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