The Tunguska Effect

On the eve of the second World War, the science of the Tunguska Generation is little understood. Many attempts are made to codify it, but only the barest of details can be confirmed, even by the hyperintelligent children of Tunguska - and what they understand, they frequently find difficult to convey.

The Will to Power

For all the world's ignorance of the nature of the Tunguska Effect, one thing is clear. The Tunguska Generation's power flows from their will, which they are able, in limited ways, to impose upon reality itself.

Because a child of Tunguska's power flows from their will, it can interfere with the powers of another. In practice, this means that the only reliable means to combat one Tunguska Child is with another. However, it also means that certain powers do not function well at all when used on or in the presence of another Tunguska Child. Pretercognition and postcognition are perhaps the most deeply effected, and both rarely work in the presence of a powerful Tunguska Child (for this reason, many world leaders quickly surround themselves with them in order to prevent snooping). In addition, the site of the Tunguska Event resists both to such a degree that it has been known to drive those who try to scan it temporarily catatonic.

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