Chronological note: as the Martian day is only 39 minutes longer than the Terran day, a timeslip is applied at 12:00 AM every night. Months are roughly twice as long (extended by adding extra days) to account for the Martian year being almost twice as long as the Terran year.

  • BF 58
    • First Human Landing on Mars, in advance of first colonial establishments. The first man on Mars, Duncan Armstrong (no relation to Neil) vanishes 1 week before return flight window is due to close, and is not seen again. A memorial is later established at the landing site to Ares 1.
    • Establishment of the first Martian colonies, mostly tin-can habs.
  • BF 47
    • Olympus Space Elevator completed. Colonization boom as habitats become larger and more complex. First known instances of colonists "going native" and falling off the grid in favor of a nomadic lifestyle. Colloquial term "Barsoomians" first used to describe these nomads.
  • BF 40-0
    • Colonization continues. Mars becomes the largest concentration of transhumans off of Earth. Hypercorps slowly come to dominate Martian affairs as Earth conflicts draw the attention of the governments.
  • The Fall
    • TITAN programs take over autofactories in Qurain hab, churning out war machines that devastate the city before venturing outward to obliterate other habs in the Amazonis Planitia and Daedalia Planum regions. This continues for some time before the machines inexplicably halt their advance. The TITAN Quarantine Zone is established.
  • AF 1
    • Barsoomian nomads returning to a seasonal meeting spot in Ma'adim Vallis discover the Martian Gate. Hypercorp observer satellites tracking the nomads pick up on the Gate, and Direct Action is immediately contracted to "secure dangerous TITAN artifacts" in the region. Casualties in the hundreds, with multiple permanent fatalities. The event becomes known as the Ma'adim Massacre in Barsoomian culture.
    • Birth of the true underground movement among the Barsoomians, as a response to the Ma'adim Massacre.
    • First rumors of "Cardinal," an anti-corporate hero of urban legend, purported to be the last living native Martian.
  • AF 2
    • After a hiatus of several years due to warfare and the Fall, the Burning Man festival is reestablished on Mars. While not strictly a Barsoomian event, it does draw its fair share of the nomads, who appreciate the non-corporate ideals of the festival. It will be several years before the oxygen content in the atmosphere is high enough for the Burning Man to actually burn without assistance (a cause for great celebration among attendees).
  • AF 10
    • The present day.
    • January 26th - An unknown assailant attacks the Face On Mars bar at the Burning Man festival. Upon being incapacitated by several heavily armed patrons, the individual self-destructed in a manner consistent with an antimatter charge. Hypercorp media has attempted to play the incident off as a Barsoomian terrorist act, but the Barsoom Watch word of mouth network is quickly spreading the word that this is not the case.
    • January 28th - Roswell and Kaitlynn arrive in Little Shanghai.
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