Tabitha Lowsley



Tabitha Lowsley knew she was an odd child from very early on. She spoke in complete sentences by the age of 12 months and picked up writing by her second birthday. While her schoolmates learned their ABCs, she was reading travelogues from the school library. When they were learning their times-tables, she was deriving calculus from scratch. By the age of 8, thanks to the very ethnic neighborhood her parents lived in, she spoke no less than 11 languages fluently.

Thankfully, by the age of 6, she'd realized that most people looked at a child as intelligent as her with suspicion rather than with admiration, or else she might have ended up a guinea pig. She intentionally slipped up on algebra tests, pretended to blunder her way through French class despite having read the unabridged Count of Monte Cristo untranslated before language lessons ever began (it was this, in part, that inspired her to keep quiet about her abilities).

Maintaining a high grade average was child's play for her, and so it was no surprise to her when she was offered an academic scholarship to Oxford at 17, where she excelled, her mind actually challenged for the first time. Her natural talent with languages led her to the study of linguistics. Sadly, many of her papers on the topic remain utterly opaque to other professionals in the field, due to her outlook on language and its development. They nonetheless served to get her recognized as a D.Phil. at the age of 21, and she was widely regarded a brilliant addition to academia. However, since then, aside from a slow trickle of papers analyzing extremely obscure dead or dying languages, she's contributed very little to the field. Many write this off to the sort of burnout common to young great intellects.

The real reason, however, is that around this time she discovered that she could travel from one point to another without crossing the intervening space, and she judged the study of this to be more important than maintaining academic form back in Jolly Old England. Since mastering the practice, she's spent much of her time tracking down and learning languages on the verge of dying out. She also has given much thought to her condition and abilities, and has come to the conclusion that she is an evolutionary adaptation to an increasingly globalized society.

The logical endpoint of this is that she is, technically, not human; this has been a startlingly liberating conclusion. Despite not being human, she has a lot of love for her fellow sapients, and very much wishes to improve their lot in life. In her mind, technology will likely obsolete natural selection very soon, bootstrapping humanity to her level, and in any case she is not so far removed from humanity that she is incapable of empathizing with them. Tabitha has acquired a fierce loathing for injustice and inequality, now that she's literally no more than a step away from some of the worst humanitarian crises the planet has ever seen. She's coming to regard herself as a highly specialized apex predator, and is wondering how best to pick off the targets that are holding humanity back from its potential.

Recent Events

A true global citizen, Tabitha maintains several homes around the world, most of them very secluded, since she has no worries about commutes. She doesn't own a single one, nor does she pay rent. The current crisis in the American housing market has provided her with a bevy of empty McMansions built on speculation and since abandoned, leaving them prime territory for a teleporter to set up shop in. Most are sparsely yet tastefully furnished and almost impossible to get into without sufficient tools to tear a door from its frame, thanks to some 'modifications' Tabitha has made on the inside.

Tabitha has a curious sense of morality, especially regarding theft. Specifically, she has no qualms about stealing from those who are capable of absorbing the loss with little to no effort. She regards it as doing her part to combat social parasitism. This naturally extends to the corporate sphere, and banks known for poor lending practices or abuse of regulatory loopholes may find their books a few tens of thousands shorter when next they inspect their vaults. This keeps Tabitha in sufficient cash to operate under the radar in virtually any country she chooses to visit.

Recently, Tabitha has been focusing on stories of less subtle superhumans than her, and compiling dossiers on those she can. Never known when it might come in handy…

Urban Legend: The Traveler

Tabitha's activities have not gone completely unnoticed, of course. An urban legend has sprung up, aided by the internet (and especially the site, about a mysterious woman who has been sighted in almost every major city in the world, sometimes in cities a world apart with less than an hour between photographs. The photos are never very high quality; heavily-zoomed security camera footage and impromptu cell-phone video are the rule. Many users wonder if The Traveler is a rabbithole for an ARG, but if it is, there are no obvious clues for where to go next. Tabitha is aware of the rumor of The Traveler and finds it somewhat entertaining. The name certainly has a pithy quality to it that she rather likes.

Tabitha is also quite certain that the intelligence agencies belonging to the major governments are attempting to track her. This doesn't bother her because she intends to go public sooner or later. Her primary concern is the safety of her parents, and she has a number of contingency plans in case she needs to place them in hiding.

Personages of Import

Tabitha's father, Edgar, is a somewhat rough-edged man of little scholastic merit but of much practical experience. He works as a mechanic in a local auto-parts shop and is the primary source of Tabitha's fascination with all things automotive, especially motorcycles (his pride and joy is an imported Harley-Davidson that he keeps in top condition). Tabitha's mother, Helen, was primarily a stay-at-home mom who shares Tabitha's fascination with literature and was happy to keep her daughter swimming in books from the local library. Both parents were well aware that Tabitha was much smarter than she was ever willing to let on, and were quite familiar with her bizarre knack for languages. They were willing to keep her secret, even if they were a bit intimidated by their own daughter's intellect, but pushed her to not hold herself back. Tabitha has not kept in touch with her family much, aside from sending them postcards from strange foreign locales; she loves them, but finds it hard to talk to them because she understands exactly how much smarter she is than them, and that it makes them somewhat uncomfortable even if they are proud of her.


Tabitha is tall and in good shape, though not heavily built. While very coordinated, she never displayed much interest in sports aside from the occasional game of air hockey or billiards (she finds the geometry quite stimulating, if rote calculation to her at this point). Her hair, brown, is worn shoulder length, and commonly pinned back out of the way.

When appearing in official capacities, especially when she bothers to put in an appearance in Oxford, she dresses quite snappily, in the sort of no-nonsense business modern style that puts her (and others) in mind of a relentless bipedal shark stalking the corridors of academia. She finds this comparison amusing. When appearances are less critical, or when she wishes to stand out less than usual, more casual clothing is called for. She is especially fond of a very worn leather jacket that looks as though it might date to the Blitz.

When she was younger, she affected a slight nearsightedness in order to further obscure her heightened sensory abilities, and obtained a pair of prop glasses. She maintains the look with a pair of stylish rectangular wireframes, mostly because she likes it.


Stats and Skills

  • Body 2d
    • Athletics 2d
    • Brawling 3d
    • Endurance 3d
  • Coordination 4d
    • Agility 3d
    • Driving 2d
      • Specialty: Motorcycles
  • Sense 6d
    • Empathy 5d
    • Perception 5d
    • Scrutiny 3h
  • Mind 5d
    • Navigation 2h
    • Research 4d
    • Knowledge: Computer 5d
    • Knowledge: Politics 2d
    • Linguistics 2h
  • Charm 5d
    • Lie 5d
    • Persuasion 6d
  • Command 4d
    • Interrogation 5d
    • Intimidation 4d
    • Leadership 4d
    • Stability 6d
  • Base Will 14
    • Loyalty: Global Culture/The Improvement of Humanity's Condition
    • Passion: Equality
  • Source Metaquality: Genetic, Driven
    • Inhuman Stats (Sense, Mind, Command), Power Theme (Space-Time)


  • Teleportation 10
    • A D U
    • Range Boost x7
    • Mass Capacity
    • Speeding Bullet
    • Go First
  • Astonishingly Long-Lived
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