Sylvia Saint Fleur

The Story

What You See

Sylvia is about 5'8", and thin. She always wears a corset, long gloves or armwarmers, and a hoopskirt, though the rest of her ensemble does vary. She has wavy black hair that just reaches her shoulders, which she ornaments with silvery hairpins that commonly involve a gear motif in some way. She lacquers her nails, changing the colors like others change their socks, but she favors metallic colors. She universally wears heavy platform heels or boots - these are what get her to her taller-than-average height. She wears a key on a chain around her neck, and she's never without it, even though her current occasionally arcs to it.

What You Know

Sylvia Saint-Fleur is That Weird Girl. Considering this is a school where one of our classmates is literally a nuclear-powered android, this is saying something. She exclusively wears Neo-Victorian fashions, and she has her own dorm room that nobody (NOBODY) is allowed inside. Physical education? She has a medical waiver. Swimming? Never. She's stand-offish and quiet, and most likely to be seen outside of class, if at all, hiding in a quiet corner reading a science fiction novel. Getting her to react is a bad idea, as she is well-known to have an extremely bad temper, and anyone around her when she loses it can expect any electronics on their person to short out. At the very least. She was already living in the dormitories before classes began, or at least, nobody has yet claimed to have seen her moving in. She is rumored to be anorexic.

What You Don't Know

Sebastian Vincent Saint-Fleur arrived at the school before the the semester began, courtesy of the juvenile criminal justice system. He'd simply been going about his normal weekend ritual - catching a bus into the nearest city, changing into a very gothy outfit, doing his makeup, and passing the time at trendy cafes as "Sylvia." This particular time, unfortunately, his … emotional reaction to an attractive boy displaying interest led his powers to act up, which in turn led to him being outed as a mutant and, in the subsequent scuffle, male. No video from the security system survives past that point, but several grown men were admitted to the hospital with serious electrical burns and the cafe was all but demolished.

Thankfully, $school_name was able to intervene in the process before Sebastian was placed in solitary confinement until the age of 21, successfully arguing that therapy and rehabilitation would serve both Sebastian and the community far better. Given the choice, he gladly took "freak school." As part of the entrance interview, the school's staff psychologist Dr. Yilmaz diagnosed him with gender dysphoria and anger management problems, and offered a chance at something he'd thought impossible: the ability to simply be Sylvia all the time. With a small stipend, a scholarship, a prescription, and a concealed Faraday cage holding back the worst of her electromagnetic abilities, the newly minted Sylvia Victoria Saint-Fleur started classes that fall just like any other student.

She is terrified that others will discover her secret, and that the incident in the cafe will repeat itself. She's terrified that she'll lose her scholarship and be kicked out of school, and sent to juvenile detention. She's terrified that Dr. $name will decide she made a terrible mistake and rescind the prescription that's finally making her think halfway clearly for the first time in her life. Despite all this, she's happier at $school_name than she's ever been.

Oh, yeah, and she's blonde, her hair's just not long enough yet so she wears a wig. She prefers darker hair anyway.

The Crunch


Solo Buddy Team
D10 D8 D6


Shocking Fury
Swimming Against the Current
Opposities Attract

Power Sets

Lightning Blast D8
Electrical Mastery D8
Magnetic Mastery D8
Electromagnetic Shield (Durability) D8
SFX: Overcharge (Unleashed)
SFX: Grounded (Immunity: Electricity)
Limit: Mutant Yup. That's a mutant.
Limit: Containment Failure If Sylvia's faraday suit is compromised by physical stress, her powers become Uncontrollable


Tech Expert D6


1xp when her dysphoria is triggered
3xp when she shares the truth about herself
10xp when she accepts and embraces her trans identity
Raging Dynamo
1xp when she makes a bad decision in a moment of anger
3xp when her powers harm someone or something she cares about
10xp when she learns to control her anger rather than letting it control her
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