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Interdepartmental Memo 34500-CA-01
"Introduction to Supernatural Affairs: Perspectives and Procedures"

Congratulations on your assignment to the New York City Arcanohuman Affairs & Investigation Task Force, one of the nation's oldest and most respected local police force liaison groups for the 'supernatural' community. As a multidisciplinary task force, public servants from all branches contribute to a respectful relationship with the city's various arcanohuman communities. Assignment to this task force indicates either experience with or training for interaction with these unique individuals. However, in the interest of completeness and for the sake of clarity, some remedial information is presented here. Pay close attention to word usage and similar details, as the New York City Police Department is committed to a maintaining a courteous relationship with the citizenry it is responsible for protecting.


As a young science, arcanoanthropology has changed terminology frequently since the early 1950s. The NYPD is committed to maintaining abreast of the latest in scientific understanding as well as ensuring that a respectful attitude is taken at all times, and therefore the following terms for the major arcanohuman communities may be considered officially endorsed by the NYPD and should be used on all interdepartmental paperwork and in all interactions with the press and the public.

General Procedures

As the primary contact point between the city and the arcanohuman community, it is important for Arcanohuman Affairs to maintain a consistent and level stance with regard to practices and enforcement. This section will familiarize the reader with basic procedures for interacting with various major arcanohuman communities, as well as important information that should always be kept in mind.

Recent Developments

  • Vampire blood is a Schedule II drug, as it has potent effects that can prove useful in certain trauma situations. However, it is also the base ingredient for a number of highly addictive and dangerous substances. All of the following are Schedule I and considered enforcement priorities for the NYPD; all cases involving them should be reported to Arcanohuman Affairs and Investigation.
    • Drac - a powdery red substance made by mixing amphetamines or occasionally methamphetamine with vampire blood. It is most commonly used by vaporizing and inhaling the fumes, but it can also be taken directly via insufflation (snorting). Causes euphoria, increased anxiety & libido, and feelings of invulnerability. Excessive use can cause bleeding from mucous membranes, tachycardia, and loss of ability to regulate temperature, among other ills.
    • Red Weed - Red Weed refers to marijuana cultivated in a medium that has been saturated with vampire blood. The cannabis plant absorbs trace amounts of the blood and turns a vivid red in color. Effects are not significantly different from the normal variety, but may have a slightly increased chance of provoking an episode of emotional instability. It is mainly sold for novelty at marked up prices, as the growth medium can be reused for several growth cycles and there is an (erroneous) perception that it is 'less illegal' than harder forms of blood-infused drugs.

Important Organizations

The arcanohuman community does not exist in a vacuum, and contact between arcanohumans and orthohumans is more common than might be supposed. Unfortunately, not all of this contact is favorable. A number of social and political groups on both sides operate within the New York City area, with beliefs and practices well outside the mainstream. Based on past incidents, the New York Police Department has placed several of these groups on official or unofficial surveillance, and new employees are advised to familiarize themselves with these groups.

  • Light Ministries
    • An anti-vampire nonprofit organization which hosts regular protests outside locations known to be vampire-associated. While Light Ministries remains officially committed to nonviolence, a number of persons associated with this group have been convicted of trespassing, assault, arson, and in one case murder of vampire or vampire-related humans. Rev. L.R. Light, founder of Light Ministries, is a highly charismatic individual but is not suspected of being a mage.
  • Church of the Eternal
    • This counterculture group appears to be associated with a cadre of young (that is, youthful in appearance) vampires. While known for minor property crimes and public order misdemeanors, this group is not considered a threat. There does not appear to be any actual theology associated with this group, though it has tried several times in the last decade to be recognized as a religion by the city, most likely as a tax shelter.

Personnel Procedural Information

Investigation in the modern era is a complex thing, weaving together social and physical sciences and operating within a set of bounds as defined by the law. While television dramas may portray Investigation as a single, unified skill, the truth is that investigation Procedure encompasses many subsciences with associated skills that provide a firm foundation for it. These foundations in particular are important, since nothing can grow beyond the point its foundation permits.

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