Shashi Medikonda

Shashi! She is from space. She likes it there.
Background: Original Space Colonist
Faction: Argonauts


20(25) 15(20) 15 10 15 15(20) 15



  • Climbing 60(65)
  • Demolitions 50(55)
  • Fray 50
  • Freefall 50
  • Freerunning 35(40)
  • Hardware (Electronics) 60 (65)
  • Hardware (Industrial) 25 (30)
  • Infosec 50(55)
    • Security
  • Interfacing 50 (55)
  • Investigation 45
  • Kinesics 40
  • Navigation 25
  • Networking (Autonomists) 55
  • Networking (Argonauts) 55
  • Perceptions 55
  • Programming 60 (65)
    • Simspace Coding
  • Protocol 40
    • Autonomists
  • Research 40 (45)
  • Seeker Weapons 55 (60)
  • Throwing Weapons 45 (50)

Knowledge Skills

  • Academics (Comp Sci) 60 (65)
  • Academics (Physics) 40 (45)
  • Academics (Environmental Science) 50 (55)
  • Academics (Psychology) 50 (55)
  • Art (Sim Design) 55
  • Interest: Science Fiction 50 (55)
  • Interest: Old Earth History 50 (55)
  • Language (English) Native
  • Language (Hindi) 55
  • Profession (Simtherapist) 60 (65)
    • Fish Out Of Water


  • @: 80
  • e: 30
  • f: 30
  • r: 60

Implants and shit

  • Grip Pads
  • O2 Reserve
  • Prehensile Feet
  • Direction Sense
  • Enhanced Smell
  • Circadian Regulation
  • Enhanced Respiration
  • Hibernation
  • Temperature Tolerance
  • Electrical Sense
  • Radiation Sense
  • Ghostrider Module
  • Mnemonic Augmentation
  • Multitasking
  • Medichines
  • Oracles
  • Limber Level 1


  • Smart Vacsuit
  • Spinder + Spindle Climber
  • Distress Beacon
  • E-Rope
  • Smart Vac Clothing
  • Repair Spray
  • Programs
    • AR Illusion
    • Exploit
    • Sniffer
    • Spoofer
    • Tracking
  • Seeker Pistol
    • Smartlink (Default)
    • Arm Slide
    • Concussion Micomissile Clip (Proximity)
    • Frag Micromissile Clip (Homing)


  • +Morphological Freedom
    • Living among autonomists, and on her second body herself, Shashi would be something of a hypocrite if she didn't believe in the right of transhumans to choose what they sleeve as.
  • +Reclamation
    • Shashi isn't a traditional Reclamationist. She doesn't think Earth is going to be inhabitable any time soon, but she isn't a short-term thinker. She fully expects that in a few centuries, maybe a thousand years on the outside, transhumanity will be able to rehabilitate their homeworld. She does not, however, invest any sort of mystical significance in Earth. She merely believes that no cortical stack should go reinstantiated, even the ones lost to the ravages of the TITANs. Shashi doesn't plan to return to the planet of her birth, and frankly thinks that anyone who voluntarily lives in a gravity well is probably somewhat disturbed.
  • -Capitalism
    • Shashi's line of work puts her in competition with people who set out to profit off of human misery and misfortune. As you might expect, this has somewhat soured her on capitalism as a whole, especially in the light of autonomist and technosocialist successes.

Personal Info


Shashirekha Medikonda was born on Old Earth, on the Indian subcontinent, to wealthy parents with high ambition. Such was their ambition that even their heavy traditionalism couldn't keep them on-planet when India began its big push to colonize the Moon. Seeing a chance to get in on a very lucrative ground floor, Shashi's father moved to New Mumbai and took his family with him.

Shashi, still quite young, took to low-gee like a fish to water, though her overprotective parents kept her largely shut-in, taught by tutors rather than attending even the most exclusive private schools. Thankfully, she was more than intelligent enough to crack the mesh filters her parents had set up - this was how she learned of their plans to arrange her marriage to the son of a highly-placed family in the New Mumbai governing body in order to advance their own social status. Needless to say she did not appreciate being traded as a commodity, but ironically it provided her with the necessary inspiration to effect a runaway.

Forming a microcorp and listing herself as an asset of said microcorp, Shashi made contact with and eventually sold her body to an Extropian morph rental outfit for sufficient cred to use q-bit comms to set up an egocast with an autonomist compound near Saturn. By the time her parents realized what she'd pulled off, she was already programming a personal simspace inside a server in an O'Neill cylinder.

History, of course, records what happened to New Mumbai a scant year later. Shashi feels somewhat guilty for abandoning her parents there, and this is part of what has driven her to take up the cause of universal transhuman reinstantiation. She's made quite a name for herself as a psychologist and therapeutic simspace designer (as well as a side-calling as a space opera MMO designer), as well as for her personal efforts at cortical stack retrieval.


Shashi's current morph is a heavily modified open-source Bouncer knock-off (WorldTree Orbital v2.4.1), biosculpted to resemble her natural body (this is her one concession to nostalgia, since she couldn't bring anything material with her from Luna), a tall, slender build with mocha skin and bright green eyes rather than her original brown. She commonly wears her brightly-dyed hair in dozens of tiny braids pulled back into a thick ponytail.


Yuvika, her Muse, dates back to her days on Luna, and the two understand each other quite well. Like Shashi, she's blunt and a bit mouthy, but her core executables are in the right place.

  • Academics: Psychology 60
  • Hardware: Electronics 30
  • Infosec 30
  • Interface 40
  • Professional: Accounting 60
  • Programming 20
  • Research 30
  • Perception 30
  • Interest: Nanofabrication Blueprints 40
  • Interest: Cortical Stack Retrieval News/Opportunities 40
  • Interest: Emergent Patterns 40
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