Order: Adamantine Arrow
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: Whipping Boys


Henrietta Carpathia was raised in a strict home in Missouri by her fundamentalist mother, the eldest of seven children. Her largely absentee father was a traveling revival preacher with a an excellent following throughout the South, so while the checks he sent home were quite hefty he was not around for his share of the childcare duties, which mostly fell to Henrietta once she was old enough (specifically, 4).

Her life through high school was fairly typical and, thanks to the constant attention of her busybody of a mother, extremely boring. Therefore, the story truly picks up when Henrietta applied to a series of colleges. Her mother was not keen on the idea, but Henrietta had wisely plied her father with many letters about the theology programs of a number of larger universities, leaving her mother with little room to maneuver to block her daughter leaving the nest.

Predictably, once she got away from the backwoods of Missouri and into San Francisco, Henrietta cut loose. She had three boyfriends in as many months (not counting one-night-stands) and tried so many controlled substances that she actually lost count. The real change came when she met a foreign student from Brazil, Paulo, who taught her just how fun leather and pain could be. Bringing Paulo home to meet the family for Christmas was probably not among the smartest of things she could have done, but it did precipitate a massive turning point in her life when her mother snooped through Paulo's luggage and found his collection of 'appliances.' A four-hour screaming match ensued, the culmination of which was the threat to, among other things, cut her off financially unless she transferred to a nearby (and unaccredited) religious college and attend church-sponsored therapy to drive out the demons of lust.

Hitchhiking from Missouri to California in the middle of winter wasn't exactly Henrietta's plan, but it was certainly an adventure.

Of course, being cut off meant that Henrietta had to quickly find a way to work her way through college, no easy task in this day and age. She struggled for a few months, barely sleeping, and eventually broke down and called home to try to mend fences and reach a compromise. Her younger sister answering the phone and claiming no knowledge of having an older sister named Henrietta was an emotional blow she was not prepared for, but it was also a kind of pain Paulo had never managed to show her (even when they split up shortly after The Incident), and it was through this pain that she was enlightened; her vision of a realm made of pain and pleasure combined drove her to the edge of being, where she became that pain and pleasure and echoed throughout the strange realm she'd found her way into. The details of what she did there areā€¦ rather personal, but she quickly found her way into a like-minded set of individuals who'd had similar, if slightly less prurient (in some cases) experiences. It was not long before she found her way to the Whipping Boys, even if only for fun at first.

Now, with a few additional years under her belt, Henrietta (now Sanguine to her Enlightened associates) is much less of a wild child, at least publicly. Well into her education as a nurse, she's found gainful employment at the sizable campus clinic and is occasionally able to moonlight as a trainer-cum-EMT for the incredibly violent underground MMA clubs she used to really be into but has sort of moved beyond (it's just not fair to the Sleepers anymore). The payout she gets from these helps to cover her bills more than the legal job does.

Her mentor, both as an Adamantine Arrow and a Whipping Boy, is one Hobble (or Hob to his friends), named for his fondness for allowing his subs a degree of movement that all too frequently proves completely useless and massively frustrating. Relatively young, but by relation quite close to the original circle of the Legacy and a second-degree master - more than ready to train apprentices of his own. He's also an expert martial artist, but refused to teach Sanguine any more than she already knows once he found her picking fights with Sleepers. Eventually, she hopes, he'll reconsider.




  • Academics 1
  • Craft (Leatherworking) 1
  • Medicine 2
  • Occult 1
  • Athletics 2
  • Brawl 2
  • Drive 1
    • Motorcycle
  • Larceny 1
    • Escape
  • Stealth
  • Empathy 2
  • Expression 1
  • Intimidation 2
  • Persuasion 2
    • I'm So Glad You Thought Of That
  • Socialize 1
  • Streetwise 1
  • Subterfuge 2


  • Combatant
  • Qinna 1
  • Aikido 1
  • Status: Medical 1
  • Dream 1
  • High Speech 1
  • Tolerance for Biology
  • Emotional Detachment
  • Meditative Mind


  • Forces 2
    • Influence Electricity (Dex + Ath + Forces)
    • Nightsight (Wits + Composure + Forces)
  • Life 2
    • Healer's Trance (Int + Medicine + Life)
    • Self-Healing (Sta + Medicine + Life)
  • Prime 1
  • Mind 1


  • Gnosis 2
  • Willpower 6
  • Wisdom 6
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