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Sakamoto Kiyoko had it all. At the age of 13 she was the most popular magical girl in Japan. Her weekly television show topped all the ratings, with millions hanging on her every word and action. Popular among girls for being cute and boys for being a total badass, her first two years of junior high school were a tale of love, justice, and ass-kicking.

Then came third year, and the throes of puberty. She shot up six inches in the course of a single summer vacation, and everything fell apart.

Boys weren't interested in a girl who was suddenly taller than them, and with no bustline to speak of to boot. Girls felt she was insufficiently cute. Sponsors bailed on her left and right, and her ratings in the second half of the year tanked. An ill-advised revelation of her true identity in an attempt to humanize her backfired horribly. Her show was cancelled by the time she was entering high school, and her time slot was given to the young upstart magical idol, Moe Idol Pretty Akemi.

Everyone in her school knows who she is, and none of them care.

Personal Information

Height: 181cm (5'11")
Weight: ;_;
Measurements: Pathetic, and the whole world has them memorized.
Blood Type: B
Birthday: March 7

Personages of Import

Mother and Father

Sakamoto Katsuro was an up-and-comer at a multiindustrial manufacturing concern when Kiyoko made it big as a magical girl. He very publicly quit his job, burning every bridge and acting as Kiyoko's full-time manager. Kiyori, Kiyoko's mother and a former shrine maiden, burned through the money Kiyoko made with astonishing rapidity, and the necessity of appearing wealthy as a manager of a famous magical girl in the industry didn't help matters. When Destruction Maiden Kiyoko was canceled, the cashflow ceased, and the family's debts began to pile up. Katsuro had to go crawling back to his old workplace and beg for his job back- he just barely got it, and makes half of what he used to. Kiyori, whose only marketable skill was being a shine maiden, was unable to contribute beyond getting part-time work, since having a daughter rather puts a crimp in the whole maiden thing.

Moe Idol Pretty Akemi

Kiyoko's archnemesis, the scheming little witch that stole her timeslot! (No offense to Witch-Girl Yuu-chan, her show always gave Kiyoko a good lead-in.) Frequently mistaken for a middle schooler, Akemi is (unforgivably!) Kiyoko's sempai! Her powers of moe trope manipulation have regularly garnered her ratings that even Kiyoko could only hope to achieve in a season finale, as she expertly appeals to almost every subdemographic several times per episode without alienating any competing subdemographic! Truly, Akemi-chan is an avatar of commercialized moe, and Kiyoko will never ever ever ever ever forgive her for it.

Tendo Hanako

Hanako is perhaps the only person left in Japan who takes Kiyoko seriously as a person. This is likely due to the fact that she is perhaps the only girl in Japan who did not watch Destruction Maiden Kiyoko. ("I just never really got into that sort of thing. It was on during my Literature Club meetings anyway.") She is a bright but otherwise uninspiring girl, who could easily go all three years of high school without distinguishing herself in any particular way save perhaps by occasional academic excellence. Thankfully, she seems quite capable of serenely ignoring Kiyoko's occasional furious rants whenever someone mentions Moe Idol Pretty Akemi in her presence.


Points Spent: 46
STR 16 (+3) CHA 22 (+6)
DEX 18 (+4) INT 16 (+3)
CON 20 (+5) WIS 14 (+2)

Points Spent: 20
Attack: +5 Defense: +5 Damage: +4
Tough: +2 Fort: +5
Reflex: +4 Will: +2

Points Spent: (12)
Acrobatics 4
Bluff 4
Concentration 4
Escape Artist 4
Intimidate 4
Arcane Lore 4
Business 4
Current Events 4
Pop Culture 4
Notice 4
Perform 4
Sense Motive 4

Points Spent: 17
Attack Flurry (3 points lower interval, 3 points boost max damage) 6
Improved Block
Improved Crit
Improved Overrun
Improved Sunder
Instant Up
Perfect Timing (Mecha & Manga)
Power Attack
Quick Change (Transformation Sequence)
Takedown Attack
Weapon Break
Well-Known (Mecha & Manga)

Points Spent: 55
Awareness (Youma Sense) 1
Blast 8 (Attack Name -1, Homing x2); 10pp (Destruction Boomerang!)
Blast 8 (Attack Name -1, Tiring -1, Area[Explosion] +1); 8pp (Kiyoko Mass Destruction!)
Growth 8 (Action -1 [Standard], Tiring -1, Attack Name -1 - 1/rank); 8 pp (Kiyoko GIGANTIC!)
Immovable 5
Leaping 2
Protection 8
Shield 5
Strike 6 (Mighty); 7pp
Super-Strength 4 (Groundstrike); 9pp

Complication: Nobody cares. If Kiyoko saves the day, she gets guff for being a showoff. If she wrecks something in the process of saving the day, she gets the blame for it. She gets none of the slack normally cut a magical girl on the job.
(Troubled Past?)

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