Radical Martian nativists pursuing home rule and local control of terraforming, among other issues.

The rep network of choice for Barsoomians is the imaginatively titled Barsoom Watch, commonly abbreviated to b-rep. It sees little use outside of the Martian outback, but is very important there. Initial use of the network led to security breaches in the Barsoomian movement, as the hypercorps knew precisely who to pick up, but the Barsoomians quickly moved to a VPN model where b-rep data is traded disguised as weather information or similarly innocuous data.


Your average outback-loving redneck. Was central to the events of Burning Man AF10. Owns a totally sweet Mars buggy modeled on the old Ford trucks of Earth, including incredibly tasteless (and largely useless) mudflap decals.

Cardinal (?)

A huge mystery, but apparently the heart of the Barsoomian movement! If your rep is tagged with a comment from him, expect it to be the first thing someone on b-rep looks for.

Allen Scott, aka The Gang

A deep-cover multicore posing as an agent for Solaris Bank in Little Shanghai.

Religion / Spiritual Movements

The Church of Natural Medicine

In the wake of the Fall and the highly advanced medical science available, it seems bizarre that anyone would still adhere to ancient notions of healing and medicine. Yet, in the highly active meme marketplace that is Mars, there are a variety of groups that reject modern medicine entirely, and by far the largest and most active of these is the Church of Natural Medicine. This movement is highly fractious, and has many factions that vary from moderate to radical, and on the radical fringe the Church lies the Purity sect, members of which are easily identifiable by their habit of wearing full environment suits even inside habs.

The core belief of the Purity sect, and the one that sets them almost wholly apart from the mainstream of modern transhuman society, is that nanomachines constitute voluntary heavy metal poisoning, and that the dangers are being covered up by the major pharmaceutical hypercorps. As mainstream society essentially ignores them and saturates the environment with nanomachines of all sorts, the Purists rarely leave their cleansuits, and the only sorts of nanomachines they'll even consider using are autophagous nanophages. They eschew implants, again over the issue of poisoning, and work exclusively through ectos.

Naturally, this results in a radical population of unhealthy people who are insulated from many of the most common aspects of modern society, which only serves to push them even further towards the brink. Only their obsessive fear of contamination by nanomachines, which keeps them inside their clean suits much of the time, has prevented an epidemic from decimating the community. So far, no real violent action has been taken, and the Planetary Consortium has been happy enough to let them exist as a pressure valve for the lunatic fringe.

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