Virtues and Essence

Compassion OO Conviction OOO Temperance OOOO Valor OO
Essence 3 Personal ##/13 Peripheral ##/35(0m committed) Willpower [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


Level Wounds Dodge DV # Parry DV
-0 [ ] Mental Dodge DV # #
-1 [ ] [ ] Soak (B) # Join Battle
-2 [ ] [ ] Soak (L) # #
-4 [ ] Soak (A) # Atk. Pool (Weapon)
Incap [ ] Soak (Nat) #/# B/L #

Attributes and Abilities

Strength O Charisma OO Perception OOO
Dexterity OOOO Manipulation OOOO Intelligence OOOO
Stamina OO Appearance OO Wits OOOO
Journeys Serenity Battles Secrets Endings Specialties
Drive OOO Craft O Firearms OO Investigation OOO Awareness OOO
Resistance OOO Dodge OOO Athletics OO Larceny Bureaucacy OO
Sail Linguistics OO Melee Lore OOO Integrity OOO
Survival Performance OO Presence OO Occult OOOO Martial Arts OOOO
Thrown Socialize OO War Stealth OOOO Medicine OO


Name Cost Action Duration Description
Celestial Drifter Panoply
Never an Empty Alley Technique
Wearing Red to a Wedding
Optimistic Security Practice
Duck Fate
Auspicious Prospects for Endings
Soft Presence Practice
Secrets of Future Strife
Burn Life Doubles Strength, converts stunt dice to successes (or 2x if unrolled)
Blade of the Battle Maiden +3 Accuracy, +8/2L, +2 Defense, Rate 3
Joy in Adversity Stance
Flight of Mercury

Acquaintances •• (Her parents - nothing will ever get them off her case, she swears)
Connections - Medical Professionals •
Connections- Sijantic Subculture ••
Manse • (Stone of Echoes: -2 to Perception rolls to hear Raven sneaking)
Resources •••
Savant •••
Sifu ••• (Kiasha, an Elder Chosen of Endings)

Rising Smoke ••
Sword ••
Mask ••
Comet •

XP Total Expenditure Banked
30 13 7


Sijan fell. The Sijanese live on.

At least, that's what mom and dad always told Raven (dear ancestors, kindly intercede and tell your descendants to stop calling her Ariadne), but for a girl living in Versino it's a little hard to feel connected to a city was that obliterated hundreds of years ago. Still, living in Little Sijan, surrounded by black upon black, funerary design, and the like, well, it's a little hard to avoid. She's Sijanese, through and through - whatever that means anymore.

Growing up to find that her dead, oppressive culture had spawned a lively new subculture among the youth of Meruvia, a subculture that celebrated the trappings of death, of black-on-black, a subculture where she was suddenly popular came as something of a shock. But for Raven, popularity was very much preferable to languishing in obscurity as a curiosity, a freak. She would much rather hear, "that is so authentic!" than "is it true you reanimated the teacher's dog after you hit it with your car?" Sure, it was a mockery of her culture, but it was a mockery that did something for her, or so she thought.

Popularity took its toll. The more she focused on amping up her natural style to accommodate the overdone accents of Sijantic fashion, the more she threw herself into it, the more her grades slipped, and the more alienated from the scene she became. First a medical student in Versino, then a cultural anthropology student in Tuchara, and finally studying thaumaturgy at a much-derided institution in Crane Bay, she alternated fields of study desperately trying to find a way forward in her life. Something real. Something that wasn't hopelessly mired in the past. Something that wasn't an echo of that past, exhumed and reanimated in a mockery of itself. But she could find no way forward. In the end, she went searching for a way out, and late one night she leapt from the Scarlet Crane Bridge.

She did not expect to be caught at the bottom, much less by an old Haltan woman who looked as if she could barely hold herself upright. "Now now, dearie. Not quite yet." And as the infinite unravelled before her eyes, Raven understood what she meant.

Kiasha's training regimen was not easy, nor was it, sadly, particularly in depth. The old Reckoner was well past her nine-hundredth year. She had fought in the Meruvian Civil War, and she had been there to witness the fall of Sijan. Her time was limited and precious, and even the training of the newest of Heaven's Gardeners could not be allowed to take all of it. There were whispers on the wind, such that even Raven could hear them, of a turning in the wheel of ages, and a return of what once was.

Though she is fresh from her training, Raven is nonetheless an extremely dangerous young woman. Kiasha's training has left her with hands as deadly as any blade, and her connection to the essence of the end of all things guides her to that which must cease. She is deeply loyal to the woman who gave her life meaning, for all that she keeps her own counsel. Yet, for all her prowess, she is short on details. Nobody has told her what's really going on around her. She knows very little about what is to come, only that she will play a role in it. Kiasha has made her ready for for this task. All that is left to do is meet it head on.

Appearance and Behavior:
Raven scares the more conservative of Meruvia's population. She's thin, pale (made paler by the makeup she wears), and dresses like the classic image of Sijanese necromancer-maidens. What so many Sijantics look almost like parodies of themselves in, Raven makes look good; black eyeliner, black lipstick, black nail polish, leather and metal and far too many piercings (septum, three in one ear, five in the other, two in her left eyebrow…), skirts, fishnets, and artfully distressed shawls and armwarmers. If it keeps most people away, so much the better, if it attracts a shallower subset, well, she's swum in those waters before.

She's a collection of contradictions. The relaxed Raven is blunt, even foulmouthed. She smokes, she drinks, she listens to terrible music that the uninitiated often mistake for audio recordings of terrible industrial accidents. The Raven at work is calm, collected, even reverent when she's dealing with the dead… not that she has experience. Really. Stop looking at her like that! Despite her often-times-fractious relationship with her parents, she still believes in the ancestor-worshipping Sijanese religion, and keeps a small shrine to her family in her apartment,

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