Potential Kon Games


  • Sidereal Internal Affairs Game
  • Heaven-and-Earth Invitational
    • Could potentially be a backdrop to the Internal Affairs Game idea.
  • Starmetal Gear Solid
    • A First Age game where the Gold Faction enlists the PCs to kill the Developer Five before they provoke the Usurpation.
  • Sable Tor - First Age Game
    • "I never thought I'd see an Essence Cascade…. let alone create one!"
  • House of Bells - DB Game
    • Because teenagers with DB-level libidos sleeping in barracks is a great idea, right?
  • Heptagram - Also a DB Game
    • Distinctly Harry Potter flavored.
  • Vast, Cool, and Unsympathetic - Modern Exalted
    • Wherein beings with instruments and intelligences such as we have scarcely dreamed of make their bid for the conquest of earth in late 1930s North America RIGHT FUCKING NOW.
  • Exalted: Historical Edition
    • For nearly two thousand years, the world has been ruled by the Dragon-Blooded. With the Immaculate Church at their side, the elementally empowered nobility has dominated Europe, turning it in recent centuries into a colonial powerhouse. Only distance and disinterest allowed the North American colonies to break away and declare independence, and their days have been troubled, torn asunder by the twin evils of a civil war over slavery and, worse yet, the return of the terrible Anathema, unseen since Rome stood astride the world. What can this mean for the Dragonblooded, and the yet stranger inhabitants of this world?


  • Changeling Mass High School Abduction Grimm Heights
  • Grand Theft Hisil - WtF
  • Dream Diary
    • Nineteen days ago, people all over the world started having the same dream. The same nightmare. The world is terrified and desperated seeking answers. You are college students who are getting paid $500 to be part of a sleep study at johns hopkins university trying to determine the medical cause of this phenomenon.
  • Spook Central
    • In the closing days of WWII, Hitler's propaganda took a turn for the weird. Vampires? Werewolves? OSS was certain it was advanced syphilis… until they liberated the Nazi concentration camps. That was 60 years ago. In New York City, there are 8 million orthohumans and just over 10,000 arcanohumans. Crimes by and crimes against arcanohumans are referred to the Arcanohuman Affairs and Investigation Task Force. These are their stories. Doink doink.
  • Some Mage thing set in Seattle maybe, I dunno, lots of politicking and not a lot of older jerks in your way because all the spookies in the town went poof for some reason.

Eclipse Phase

  • Alternate Phase
    • A setting tweak of the Star*Drive setting from Alternity, to account for changes in technology since the release of the original and to change some things in the settling that just needed changing anyway.
  • Forgetting
    • The Fall was ten years ago. It's always been ten years ago. Why is it that we never get any farther? How could we have built so much in just ten years? Why don't we remember the Fall well enough to even keep the same calendar? Because it hasn't been ten years. Because we have to forget. Because we can't handle the truth. And someone has to make sure we never, ever remember the truth about the Fall.


  • When the Stars Are Right Galactica - Evacuate Earth
  • Behind Enemy Lines
    • The Characters wake up in a Migou-administered city with no memory of how they got there.
  • Juneau
  • — [[FreeMars|Free Mars]] (Framewerk + Original Setting)
    • A potentially mecha-centric game centered on Martian colonists and their struggle for independence from Earth. —

Wild Talents

  • Team Tomorrow Investigative Unit (Aberrant)
  • Team Tomorrow and Project Utopia have been using nova powers for the greater good of humanity for a decade! Sadly, as the number of novas grows, the number of novas abusing their power also grows, and baseline law enforcement simply isn't up to the task. YOU will unravel the complex plots of hyperbrains, track down Teragen terror cells, and help keep this world safe for nova and baseline alike!

Mutant City Blues

  • Pilot Episode: Street Theater Gone Horribly Wrong

Miscellaneous Ideas

  • Human Diaspora / Zombiepocalypse
    • Zombiepocalypse. Humans abandon Earth.
  • Found Footage Game
    • A team of third-string filmmakers is sent to the ass-end of Japan to collect establishing shots for a Hollywood remake of a wildly successful indie film from Japan. Predictably, shit gets uncomfortably real.**
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