The City

The Core

Though separated into four main aerostats (Lucifer, Calrissian, Evening Star, and Cytherea), the Core Habs have developed something of a monoculture, as ties between them have grown tight over the past few years. For the most part, if you aren't a hyperelite or working directly for one, you've got no hope of living or working in any of these habitats. Conspicuous consumption is the rule here, and individuals who can afford to live here possess palatial estates compared to the cramped housing lower in the City.

Evening Star is perhaps the biggest exception to the exclusionary rule, as it was primarily designed for tourism and spectacle. The promenades and clubs are still extremely exclusive, but sometimes a lucky person can get into one (unless they're a synthmorph). One of the few truly open places in the Core Habs is in Evening Star: the Kinsei Kokugikan, home to the Nihon Sumo Association and a popular pastime for a relatively cheap ticket cost, and the owners aren't keen on turning anyone away, modern proprieties be damned. The Cytherea parks are mostly closed to synthmorphs, save some of the lower areas that are less well-lit. Finally, some employees of firms in Calrissian live elsewhere, but usually only as far away as the Inner Districts - the idea of employing someone from the Fringe would be quite scandalous.

Inner Districts


The Ring

The Ring (officially, the Morning Star City Docking and Habitation Torus) is an enormous metallic toroid surrounding the Core habitats, topped with antennas, docking spars, and environmentally sealed buildings with magnificent Venusian vistas. Most of the outside Hypercorp presence in Morning Star City is in the Ring, which functions as a kilometers-long promenade with gardens, shops, and other attractions. Outside of the Core Habs themselves, the Ring is probably the nicest place in Morning Star City.

One of the highlights of the Ring is Sulfur Point, a successor to the many amusement parks of Earth. It's actually a simsense parlor, but with lovingly detailed simulations of every major theme park on Earth, as they were before the Fall. They also have a number of theme restaurants where food (albeit manufactured food) is actually cooked rather than simply served from a CM.

Nahid Industrial

Originally a chemical study platform, Nahid Industrial was once the property of an Earth-based corporation. However, in the wake of the Fall, it has been co-opted by its inhabitants and become a powerhouse of industry in Morning Star City, producing all manner of complex chemicals for export. Fierce competition prevents them from getting into the domestic consumer market. Only employees of the Nahid Industrial microcorp are allowed to live on the platform, which is cramped but well-furnished.


Eryx is an industrial aerostat, and wouldn't be considered a part of the Inner District save for what it specializes in producing, and that is easily customizable low-cost synthetic morphs. Given the percentage of Fringe inhabitants currently housed in machine bodies, the ability to alter one's specs to stand out from the crowd is an absolute must, and Eryx has wisely invested in making the option affordable for the average denizen of the city.


Napier is actually of a similar design to the Core Habs, but on a much smaller scale, less than 300 meters across. It was one of the spherical aerostat prototypes, pressed into service in the wake of the Fall after the influx of refugees. It is densely packed housing from top to bottom, some of it converted from industrial plants when Napier finally managed to secure docking rights at Morning Star City. Adding so much living space is what got Napier such a primo spot, though the hab is not the most comfortable and lacks the open spaces of Hesperos, though in general it's kept in much better repair since the architects actually live there.

The Fringe

The Pylon (Morning Star Exploration Platform)

The original heart of Morning Star City, the Pylon is a two-kilometer beam of metal that stretches down into the atmosphere, weighted at its far end with refineries and ballast tanks to keep Morning Star City (relatively) stable. Most of the Fringe is anchored either directly to the Pylon or to a habitat that is, the Ring being reserved for transit in and out of the city and strictly policed for squatters.


Home to the Jogjakarta Sultunate-in-Exile. This aerostat is one of the main centers of Flat culture in the Fringe, as it was originally a refugee scow from Indonesia and Singapore, one of the last to get out via the Singapore elevator before it was destroyed. After limping to Venus, it was retrofitted with ballast and lift tanks and made into an aerostat. In theory, it's still spaceworthy. In theory.

New Miami

New Miami is, compared to most of the fringe habs, enormous, and houses one of the most diverse populations in Morning Star City. Aside from the clanking masses who call it home, many of the city's uplift population reside here, and trends from neighboring Kamagasaki sometimes bleed into the culture as well. Add to this the Greys, whose tiny aerostat Strieber is anchored to a corner of the habitat, and the Linker nest somewhere in the recycling section, and you have a true melting pot of transhumanity. This does not come without some backlash, however, and cross-clade violence is unfortunately a hallmark of New Miami.

Structurally, New Miami is is a series of hyperdiamond-coated plastic sheets stretched taut over a buckyfilament superstructure- many walls are translucent, but for safety reasons none are truly transparent. This also makes the habitat easy to expand both vertically and horizontally, and it's slowly claiming more and more space around the Pylon - ten levels and almost 80ยบ at last count. It has the look of an immense scaffold that hasn't been properly shored up, but it's also one of the nicer habs in the Fringe, and given the open spaces it can afford to house it's also a popular destination for those living in other, more residence-oriented habs.


The remnants of a Japanese prospecting platform, Kamagasaki has yet to fully shed the cyber-chic fad that was in style before the Fall, and so despite being relatively successful the habitat is still ostracized by many. Hyperelites, of course, find the overuse of obvious prosthetics to be immensely gauche, and a significant portion of the clanking masses resent them for having biological bodies and then carving them up to stick metal in it. It doesn't help that, despite a general agreement to prohibit Soul Jammer activity in the city, Kamagasaki routinely "fails to notice" that many of their customers are Soul-Jammer-affiliated. Their electronics and programming business, which has helped acquire them such dubious trading partners, is routinely seen on the wrong end of illegal activity, and it's rumored that they have a captive AGI writing malware for them.


Hatay is one of the open-air habs, which means that while it's roomier than most, it's also not sealed against the elements, and so only synthmorphs live here. A few make money by providing environment suits to visitors. It's also found a decent tourist draw with kilometers-long bungee jumping opportunities and some very nice views. As open-air habs go, it isn't the worst by far.


Anchored near the bottom of the Pylon, Parinacota is a contrast to Hatay's relative prosperity. The only reasons anyone lives in Parinacota are either that they're involved in organized crime or that they've simply nowhere else to go. It has no native law enforcement and few other habs will send security officials there in any way other than en masse. As a result it's a go-to destination for ego smuggling and other such activities. Rumor has it that a pressurized complex at the heart of Parinacota hides a secret market where alpha forks of all manner of public figures are sold to the highest bidder, and it's widely suspected that Clover is manufactured somewhere in Parinacota.

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