Glittering diamond spheres hang in the sulfurous clouds of Venus, buffeted by scorching winds in an atmosphere so toxic they still haven't figured out how to keep life more advanced than a prion alive in it. Scummy, rusted hulks that might once have been able to float on their own cling to the sides, hosting a melange of drifters and hangers-on, hoping for one big break in between Clover trips. A twentieth-century novelist once wrote of a sky the color of a dead television channel. Apparently this once meant 'grey.' It's just as well he wasn't writing about Morning Star City, because "the sky was the color of baby shit" doesn't have quite the same poetic ring to it. Mystery, deceit, drugs, and murder are the norm in her squalid depths, and the thin line of security services is all that separates it from the glitz and glamor of the Core Habs.

Game Synopsis

The players are responsible for security in one of the lower-end middle class habs, where law enforcement still functions, albeit more reactively than proactively.

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