Morning Star City is something of a microcosm for the Morningstar Constellation as a whole, though the city is not a major player in its politics despite sharing the name. Almost every habitat in the greater city asserts independence, but it's largely a technicality even at best, as Lucifer, the largest and wealthiest of the Core Habs, keeps all the other habs save a few in thrall, and these others are either sympathetic to Lucifer's aims or else scum habs on the outmost fringes of the city that frankly aren't worth the effort Lucifer would expend in squashing.

Morning Star City likes to pretend that it is still the premier city-state on Venus, and while that may be true in terms of population and population density, it is certainly not the case in terms of research, standard of living, or general welfare. Technically a transitional economy, it verges on the old economy in some places (though, conversely, there is a hot black market in hacked blueprints and several unlocked CMs are at the center of major criminal operations in the fringe habs, and Gerlach is quite happy to provide a number of products and technologies that are all but banned in the City), and many inhabitants cannot even afford a biological morph even though the resources exist to support a larger biological population. A sizable refugee population exists that still remains largely stuck as Flats, without the financial wherewithal to purchase even the most meager of implants.

Law enforcement in Morning Star City is spotty at best. In the Core Habs, it's less law enforcement and more whim enforcement for the hyperelites, and there isn't so much law as there is an incredibly complex code of social navigation, where the first to make a faux pas of a certain magnitude loses. Only the very worst of crimes even get considered for investigation without a specific request from a citizen of the Core Habs. The middle class habs, such as Hesperos, enjoy a relatively functional degree of law enforcement in most cases, but the further one ventures into the fringe habs the less effective this is likely to be. In the worst cases, the only time law enforcement is present at all is when a criminal operation crosses some invisible line and precipitates a near-invasion of puppet-socked androform security robots.

Foreign Relations

In the Morningstar Constellation, Morning Star City is increasingly sidelined and isolated by more progressive habs, though it maintains cordial relations with a number of Hypercorps, especially those interested in access to Venus for research purposes. The city rarely contracts for Direct Action advisers but is quite happy to purchase their in-house-manufacture autonomous weapons. The Planetary Consortium is an ally of convenience, one that Morning Star City hopes it can leverage into a greater role in Venusian affairs as the Consortium gradually brings more might to bear against the fledgling Morningstar Constellation.

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