Personalities And Cults Thereof


Artesia Choi

Daughter of the infamous Mind Magnate of Mars, Phoenix Choi. Artesia has been on Mars for the last two years, as part of a team of negotiators for the Planetary Consortium, which has been quietly trying to head off the nascent Morningstar Constellation. As a result, most of her time is spent in the more Consortium-friendly Morning Star City. She has gained a reputation in the city as a past-master of memeslinging and constantly walks the fine line between trendsetting and massive social taboo in the obsessively orthohuman hyperelite circles she circulates in. She is also quietly rumored to be a hard bargainer, almost sadistic in her drive to come away from any deal having got the better of it.. but of course nobody realizes this until well after the fact.

Hyperelites and Celebrities

Habet Reno

One of the true movers and shakers of Morning Star City society. Habet Reno was behind the Core Habs project, and has become fabulously wealthy as a result. He owns controlling shares in a number of local microcorps and his webs of influence extend to many others. He resides in Reno Tower in Lucifer.

Ana Earthlight

A homegrown metacelebrity popular across the Inner System, star of many vids and games about pre-Fall Earth. The original Ana has long since licensed her personality and franchised it, though rumor has it that she still lives on Venus, where every major aerostat-city has an Ana Earthlight franchise.

Jenny 6.0

An amalgamation of news anchor personalities from pre-Fall media wrapped up in a pitch-perfect professionally engineered avatar, Jenny 6.0 is the face of the news for for the million-plus population of Morning Star City. The darker side of this phenomenon is the fact that a fork of the Jenny 6.0 program has leaked and black-market bootlegs with highly inappropriate skillsofts tacked on are available all over the Fringe.


The Fringe

The Criminal Element

Claudia Ambelina

There are at least 10 Claudias operating in Morning Star City, and given the state of things most of them operate above board. A few Claudias, however, maintain a side operation in loansharking and rep network manipulation in the Fringe.

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