Morning Star City was established roughly 25 BF as the Morning Star Exploration Platform, a research outpost jointly funded by a number of corporations and minor governments, almost as soon as the first skyhooks started making access to the habitable layers of the Venusian atmosphere economical. The floating hab prospered and acquired a few nomadic hangers on, mostly atmospheric prospectors looking for rare elements on the surface and in the atmosphere. Its association with the skyhooks and its permanent status made it an attractive hub for trade and travel on Venus, and so it truly became a city roughly 5 BF as a number of habitation aerostats were commissioned, intended to be tethered to the original platform. Three were completed by the Fall, and only one survived, the others subverted by TITAN digital warfare and cut loose to drift and sink before their CMs could produce sufficient nanowarfare swarms to attack the rest of the city. Refugees swarmed to Morning Star, drawn by the ease of access and the relatively outdated superstructure, less easily hijacked by TITAN infowafare.

After the chaos of the Fall died down a little, and once the hydroponics gardens were well and truly overwhelmed, the city began looking for ways to expand again. Initially this came by attracting other small aerostats to link up with them, centralizing the refugee problem for easy access to interplanetary aid. Eventually, however, a number of off-planet hypercorps took an interest in the ramshackle aerocity, and offered a solution in the form of a new kind of aerostat, immense geodesic spheres woven out of diamondoid strong enough to stand up to the corrosive influence of the Venusian atmosphere. A relative handful of the locals signed on to the project, and having got in on the ground floor ended up becoming fabulously wealthy as a result. Five geodesic aerostats were ordered, designed, constructed, and delivered, and a massive wealth disparity was born. Within a year after the new aerostats were built, the entire city had been completely reorganized around the new Core Habs, which had essentially taken over government from the collective council that had been managing the conglomeration of habitats previously. This state of affairs continued until AF 6, when the Accident occured.

Hesperos, one of the spherical Core Habs, suffered a containment loss and began to vent atmosphere. As the only thing keeping it up was the lighter-than-CO2 air inside, it also suffered a dramatic loss of lift, placing enormous strain on the connections between the aerostats and the lines keeping them together. Many of them broke, and the habitat would have been a complete loss had the breach not been sealed and the entire habitat repressurized, halting its descent. Several thousand had died, of which only about 230 were hyperelites who could afford resleeving. Hesperos remains ensconced beneath the other Core Habs, where it was stabilized. Every so often there is a debate about re-elevating the aerostat and reestablishing connections with the rest of the Core as originally intended, but there is very little will to do so. As a result, for all its original grandeur Hesperos is now considered middle-class at best, the light from above filtered until barely recognizable as such, a permanent filthy twilight.

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