Morning Star City

Morning Star City is a very old habitat, some of its components dating to decades before the Fall. Most of the Core Habs, however, the glistening diamondoid geodesic aerostats at the center of the city, are much newer than that, and comprise the center of power and society in the city. The rest of the city is less aesthetically pleasing and considerably less symmetrical, as aerostats and pylons of all shapes and sizes conglomerated around the city in more prosperous times, tying themselves literally and metaphorically to the bigger, more important habs. Now, it somewhat resembles a handful of enormous pearls floating in a crust of scummy lichen extending outward and downwards. Less than completely balanced, the whole mass shifts and buckles in high winds, and the whole of Morning Star City sways back and forth at times like a ship at sea.

While Morning Star City is neither as prosperous as it used to be or as much as it would wish to be, the Core Habs remain, for the most part, a place of stately leisure and conspicuous consumption, with hyperelites playing cutthroat games to pass the time. A small skein of the middle-class separates this lot from the vast, downtrodden masses crammed into the outer habs, some of which barely merit the name and many of which are either insufficiently sealed or else completely exposed to the Venusian atmosphere.




The City

Personalities and Cults Thereof


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