Lumen Papira

Passions and Skills

  • Passion: Reading Obscure Literature (3)
  • Skill: Archiving (2)
  • Skill: Information Science (3)
  • Skill: Being Loud (-2)
  • Cool 0
  • Shine 2


  • Aspect 0 (MP 7/7)
  • Domain 2 (MP 7/7)
  • Persona 2 (MP 7/7)
  • Treasure 3 (MP 7/7)

Afflictions and Bonds

  • Bond: I eat stories, so I have to keep reading or I'll starve to death! (3)
  • Bond: I collect books, especially rare ones I don't have yet! (3)
  • Affliction: I am a bookworm. I have four arms so I can keep reading while I do other things, and antennae to help my burrow into stories (see "Stepping Between Stories"). (3)
  • Bond: I have to let others borrow my books, as long as they promise to bring them back! (3) (Bond for the Universal Library Card)
  • Bond: If someone shows me a valid library card, I have to do my best to answer their questions. (2) (Bond for the collective anchor of All Library Card Holders)
  • Bond: If someone asks to see my Library, I have to let them in. (2) (Bond for The Library of Lumen Papira)

Estate Properties

  • Libraries…
    • hold secrets and knowledge without measure. (3)
    • give freely of what they have. (2)
    • welcome all with open arms. (2)


  • Step Between Stories
    • Domain 4
    • One Trick (Creating a Gateway into a book she's holding) (-3)
    • Local Only -1
    • Simple Miracle (0 MP)
    • Rare +1
    • Strike +1
  • Immutable
    • As per the book.


  • The Library of Lumen Papira, a wondrous anchor. This book is a weighty tome, penned by Lumen herself, that describes a vast, cool, dark library full to the brim with books from all over the universe. Using her ability to burrow into stories, Lumen stores her entire collection within it, keeping it within easy reach. Her accumulated Library is so all-encompassing that, whatever book is necessary for a given occasion, Lumen is certain to have a copy of it inside her Library.
    • The Realm contained within the Library of Lumen Papira possesses the following properties:
      • Its vast depth preserves whatever lies within it.
      • You will always find what you are looking for;
      • This might not necessarily be a good thing.
      • Like the process of learning itself, the Library has a beginning but no end.
  • Anyone Who Carries a Valid Library Card. The Library Card is Lumen's symbol, reflective of her bond and duty to the people of the universe to provide whatever knowledge they might ask. Her return on this is that, occasionally, you might need to do a favor for her. It's right there in the fine print when you sign the form to get a new library card! What do you mean you never read that?
  • The Universal Library Card. As the ultimate universal Librarian, Lumen is considered staff at every extant Library in the universe. This card guarantees her unquestioned access.
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