Lady Sanguine


Henrietta Temperance Carpathia was raised in a strict home in Missouri by her fundamentalist mother, the eldest of seven children. Her largely absentee father was a traveling revival preacher with a an excellent following throughout the South, so while the checks he sent home were quite hefty he was not around for his share of the childcare duties, which mostly fell to Henrietta once she was old enough (specifically, 4).

Her life through high school was fairly typical and, thanks to the constant attention of her busybody of a mother, extremely boring. Therefore, the story truly picks up when Henrietta applied to a series of colleges. Her mother was not keen on the idea, but Henrietta had wisely plied her father with many letters about the theology programs of a number of larger universities, leaving her mother with little room to maneuver to block her daughter leaving the nest.

Predictably, once she got away from the backwoods of Missouri and into San Francisco, Henrietta cut loose. She had three boyfriends in as many months (not counting one-night-stands) and tried so many controlled substances that she actually lost count. The real change came when she met a foreign student from Brazil, Paulo, who taught her just how fun leather and pain could be. Bringing Paulo home to meet the family for Christmas was probably not among the smartest of things she could have done, but it did precipitate a massive turning point in her life when her mother snooped through Paulo's luggage and found his collection of 'appliances.' A four-hour screaming match ensued, the culmination of which was the threat to, among other things, cut her off financially unless she transferred to a nearby (and unaccredited) religious college and attend church-sponsored therapy to drive out the demons of lust.

Hitchhiking from Missouri to California in the middle of winter wasn't exactly Henrietta's plan, but it was certainly an adventure.

Somehow, with sleepless nights and boundless enthusiasm for life, she pushed on. She took to calling herself "Gwen," mostly to prevent her old name being googled by new people she met. She kept up with college, graduated with a degree in communications, and promptly dove into doing professionally what she'd been doing for fun the whole time: tying people up and whipping them for fun. And, while this supported her fairly well, it wasn't enough for Gwen. She pushed ever on, building up sex-positive community programs and activism organizations that agitated against "puritanical culture." She became one of the leading lights of the alt-sexuality circuit before she was 30, and never stopped looking for new ways to combine pain and pleasure.

Crunchy Things

Passion: I want people to enjoy themselves! (2)
Skill: BDSM Princess (3)
Passion: I find pleasure in pain. (2)
Skill: Getting People Organized (1)

Bond: I can't be restrained without my consent. (3)
Bond: I can't truly harm others without their consent. (2)
Affliction: I can hurt or please anything, even that which can't be hurt or pleased. (3)
Bond: Adonis (1)
Bond: I can't give pleasure without some pain; likewise, I can't give pain without some pleasure. (2)
Bond: I can't let apathy ruin good things. (2)
Bond: Kara (1)
Bond: Shiny Nameless Sword That Cuts Passages Between Realms (1)

Aspect 1
Domain (Pain): 2
Domain (Pleasure):2
Persona (Pain): 2
Persona (Pleasure): 2
Treasure: 2

Domain Properties

  • Pain
    • …is pleasure. (2)
    • …is the best teacher. (2)
    • …lets you know you're still alive. (2)
    • …is the breaking of the shell. (1)
  • Pleasure
    • …is pain. (2)
    • …makes life worth living. (2)
    • …is fleeting. (1)
    • …makes us forget our troubles. (2)


Kara is a valkyrie. Yes, one of those valkyries, the kind that bears the valorous dead to Valhalla when they die gloriously in battle, there to dwell among the einherjar until the day of Ragnarok. Wings, sword, the whole nine yards. Now, some of you might be wondering how the hell such a raw Noble as Gwen snagged herself a Valkyrie, and the answer is very very simple: never, ever get drunk and bet the Lady Sanguine that she can't make you kneel before her and call her Mistress.

Adonis is a shiny silver revolver with a heart motif worked delicately into the handle and a barrel that is just a tad too long to not be suggestive. It doesn't shoot bullets, though; it shoots love. If Gwen shoots you through the heart with Adonis, you will fall in love with the next person you see. If this sounds familiar, it should, because it was a gift from Eros. Ask all the questions you want, but the Lady Sanguine is very conscientious about client confidentiality.

YOUR NAME HERE is a greatsword almost as tall as Gwen herself (honestly, she's amazed she can even lift the damned thing). Aside from being an exquisite weapon, of course, it also has the property of being able to slash holes in the world that form passages between realms; these passages never last too long, but long enough to travel through at the very least! It was a gift from Kara - accustations that it was given to get Gwen out of her hair before she could so thoroughly embarrass her a second time are entirely unfounded.

Shiny Cheat Sheet Thingy

Domain Difficulty Persona Difficulty
0 Know when your estate is in peril Recognize bonds between things and your estate
1 Small Tricks and Ghost Miracles Bless/Curse someone with the nature of your estate
2 Inherent knowledge of your estate Incarnate in something of your estate
3 Protect and Strengthen your estate Enforce the properties of your estate on yourself
4 Summon, create, or animate some of your estate Imbue something with the nature of your estate
5 Destroy or banish your estate; Greater miracles of knowledge Steal part of your estate's nature from a thing; incarnate in your estate worldwide
6 Add effects or qualities; complex control; epic protection and strengthening of your estate Change how someone relates to estate; epic enforcement of estate properties on you
7 Epic miracle to summon, create, or animate part of your estate Epic miracles to enforce the properties of your estate on someone else
8 Epic miracle to destroy or banish your estate Epic miracle to steal your estate's nature from a thing or area
9 Grand changes to your estate; Epic miracle of complex control Epic miracles that change how things interact with your estate
Aspect Difficulty Treasure Difficulty
0 Mortal Action with competence equivalent to Passion/skill+3 Claim something as an anchor; Anchor becomes perfected
1 Mortal Action with competence equivalent to passion/skill+4 Possess Your Anchor
2 Mortal Action with competence equivalent to passion/skill+5 Guide your Anchor from afar
3 +Flawless grace, execution, and timing You can make and use wondrous Anchors
4 +Incredible Force Your anchor act on your behalf; your local anchors are always near at hand
5 +Superhuman precision and control Your Anchor is now fully weaponized. Even weapons.
6 +unlimited power and speed Your anchor can weave outcomes; You can claim miraculous anchors
7 +unreasonable, metaphorical effects [local short term] Your miraculous Anchors act on your behalf; you always can access anchors
8 +unreasonable, metaphorical effects [any] You can combine your powers with your anchors
9 +You've mastered the effect for the rest of the story Your miraculous anchors can invoke Imperial Miracles on your behalf
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