Character Generation
  • You are a Splicer.
    • You may not recall being a Splicer. You may have been a Flat. You are a Splicer anyway. (Uploading/resleeving was really not in vogue at the time, being rather in its infancy, and customized morphs were pretty much purpose-grown with their own egos at this point.)
    • You have all the requisite headware. You may not recall getting it. You may have severe problems having machines inside your skull. It may take some time for you to notice that it's there. It's there. Get used to it.
    • Uploading/resleeving being very much an experimental science, you don't have backups or insurance thereof (though you might have a deal with a cryocrypt). What's a cortical stack? You have certainly never heard of such a thing.
  • You're on Earth in the 2090s.
    • For reference, this fits generally into the BF 40-20 slot on the timeline.
    • This is ALL you can recall before waking up. (Every character has the Edited Memory trait.) You can be a space worker. You might even have been born there, though that's rare at the time. All you need is a reason to be on Earth in the 2090s.
  • You don't have much on you. In fact, you might just wake up naked. I haven't decided.
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