Special Connections

The House of Bells is almost a world unto itself, with its own cliques and factions and subcultures.

The following are special Connections options for characters in this game:

  • Faculty
    • The Faculty is comprised of the teachers and the administrative staff of the House of Bells. Influence with them can win leniency on punishments, bump a grade up a notch or so, and the like. However, abusing this is not good for one’s academic health.
  • Student Body
    • Ever fickle, the student body can be finessed. Influence with them can improve one’s daily life or wreck someone else’s. Rumor control and social standing depend on this group almost exclusively. Beware though, for the mob is a two-edged sword…
  • Grounds Staff
    • Often overlooked but omnipresent, these hard-working souls make sure everything stays clean and in proper working order. Influence with them can gain one after-hours access to locked buildings, hiding places for things you don’t want found, or bumping things you need fixed up the priority queue. However, one thing these people are quite sick of is being treated like a commodity, even if it’s by the brats of the spiritually enlightened.
  • Sword village
  • Shield village
  • The City of Arjuf
    • Arjuf is the largest port in the Realm and the closest city of the House of Bells, and the marketplace holds almost any goods imaginable. As a result of the cultural mixing commonplace in such a port city, the Calibration festivals here are truly extravagant and raucous affairs.
  • The City of Nishimo
    • A city on the way down after their quarries tapped out, Nishimo is one of the foremost hives of scum and villainy on the Blessed Isle. However, it’s also on the road to Tuchara, which means that the main drag still looks okay and houses some upper-class inns. A few streets over, and it’s the Red Light District. While connections here can be handy, it’s not great for your social standing to flaunt them.
  • The City of Tuchara
    • Famous for its artisans, Tuchara is almost 400 miles from the House of Bells but worth the trip simply for its stunning beauty. Some of the best inns and restaurants in the Realm can be found in Tuchara. The only problem is that, as a tourist trap with goods high in demand, everything there is ridiculously overpriced. Huzzah, economics!
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