House Of Bells

The Pitch

Foremost among the Secondary Schools of the Realm! Beating heart of the Legions! Bulwark against the forces of barbarism in the Threshold! But, in the halls of power, there are whispers: the Empress has vanished again, and the scions of the Great Houses marshal their armies for an internecine conflict that seems inevitable! The dead march openly against the tributaries of the Realm; already, ancient Thorns has fallen to the Mask of Winters. The Tepet Legions are decimated in battle, with many of the finest young sons and daughters of the family falling to the vile magics of the Anathema Yurgen Kaneko, King of the Icewalkers, and his Clockwork Witch-Queen Ravenna.

It is only Realm Year 764, and the class of 768 knows it will graduate in interesting times…

Things Prospective Players Should Know

  • The characters will be a squad in their Fourth Year at the House of Bells.
    • The first three years at the House of Bells can best be described as a meat grinder. Fourth Years and above start to be evaluated individually, and from Fifth Year the promising ones are given a squad of underclassmen to mentor as a commanding officer.
    • The players' commanding officer has, of course, graduated. Sesus Wuhan has not yet accepted a commission in the Legions, as the bureaucratic restructuring of the Realm's military is still in a state of confusion. He has, however, made plans to return to the Imperial City, and is loaning the players his townhouse in Arjuf.
  • The game will be using the Sway rules from Mirrors instead of Social Combat. Because the Sway rules work.

Character Generation

The characters will use the Dynastic cost table, though the character generation rules will work somewhat differently.

  • Characters receive 15 Attribute dots to distribute as they wish. This does not include the free first dot.
  • Characters receive 25 Ability dots to distribute as they wish - 10 must be placed in Aspect or Favored abilities. Characters do not have to meet the minimum requirements listed in the Dynastic character generation table, though some combat skill is recommended (this is the House of Bells!).
    • Characters additionally receive 4 free Specialty dots.
  • Characters receive 9 Background points.
    • Artifact, Manse, Reputation, and Retainers are limited to 2 dots. Arsenal is limited to 3 dots.
    • Command is not permitted at this time.
    • Connections are permitted as normal; however, no Connection can exceed 2 dots unless it is one of the Special Connections available for this game.
    • Connections will add dice to social rolls when applicable.
  • Characters receive 4 charms. There is no restriction by Aspect or Favored Ability.
  • Characters receive 20 xp instead of 15 bp.
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