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AM 1111 WRGH - The Shell Gordon Show

  • The people who run the front page of the community portal site won't run an ad for Shell's show, so I thought I'd post a thread for it here. If you aren't listening to Shell on AM 1111 ("One Off The Mark!") you're seriously missing out. She runs requests for a few hours in the afternoons, but the real fun starts at 10 every night, when the talk portion of the program starts. - bwinters [Reply]
    • Oh for crying out loud, Bill. You're not helping Shell by getting more people to listen to her rants. The wanted posters for the Watcher all over the Promenade are bad enough, next she'll probably set up a duck blind on Main Street. - kgreene [Reply]
      • Remind me not to feel any pity for you when you're crippled for life by a demon. - sgordon [Reply]
        • Look, Shell, I'm sorry you got your arm caught in a bear trap or something trying to get rid of that coyote that was getting into your chickens, but everyone knows the Watcher is just an old urban legend. - kgreene [Reply]
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  • Did anyone see the lights in the sky to the West last night? It was about 11 PM. Sparky was getting pretty agitated and I thought he just wanted to go for a walk. - cmichaels [Reply]
    • Someone's new in town. - pghant [Reply]
      • … what's that supposed to mean? - cmichaels [Reply]
        • Let me guess, you bought a house in Hilltop and your real estate agent never told you that Grimm Heights is the crop circle capital of the Northeast? - pghant [Reply]
          • Be nice, Pete, you almost pissed yourself that time you saw that black triangle over the mountains. - rjensen [Reply]
          • So… this is a frequent occurrence around here? - cmichaels [Reply]
            • To put it mildly. - rjensen [Reply]
    • Sorry to bump this after a month. Has anyone seen my dog? Attachment: Photo - cmichaels [Reply]

Writing Group

  • Anyone interested in putting together a writing group? I know Bennie's wouldn't mind a bunch of extra customers Sunday nights, and I bet we could get Phillip Kaiser to show up and give us some pointers!. - msykes [Reply]
    • Wait, Phillip Kaiser lives in Grimm Heights?! - ndrodd [Reply]
      • He has a cabin up on the mountain. He does all his writing there! He's been there for like 8 months now, he must be working on something huge. - msykes [Reply]
        • For the last goddamned time, that is private property and if any of you crazy bastards keep stalking me I will get some use out of that fucking duck gun my third wife bought me. - pkaiser [Reply]
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