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Grimm Heights, New York is a world-class planned community, nestled in the scenic Grimm Valley just south of the Catskills Mountains. Less than 100 miles from New York City and served by high-speed rail, Grimm Heights is a wonderful place to live, whether you work in town or in the City!

History of Grimm Heights

Grimm Heights has its first roots in the late 1600s, when the semi-legendary figure Edward Grimm settled in the area. Making his living as a trapper and trader, Grimm's settlement became known as an excellent source of furs and other trade goods, and eventually became a fully-fledged town. However, fortunes turned, and within Grimm's lifetime the entire settlement was abandoned, and would remain so until the middle of the 18th century, when surveyors discovered tin in the nearby mountains.

The mining settlement of Grimm Heights was somewhat further upriver than the original settlement, but it quickly grew to outpace it. A company town, it went the way most eventually do when the tin veins played out and the company collapsed. For the second time, Grimm Heights was abandoned. A brief attempt at establishing a logging settlement in Grimm's Wood a few decades later was abandoned after only two years, for reason that remain yet unclear.

In 1904, Grimm Heights was re-established by the side of the river, almost on the exact spot that Grimm Himself once sold his wares from. A farming settlement like neighboring Otter Run, this newest incarnation of Grimm Heights quietly and modestly prospered. It endured the Great Depression, the Second World War, and all that has come since. Old Grimm Heights is still there, just a mile down the road, with charming shops and a treasure trove of local lore.

Finally, in the late 1990s, the Bradford-Ballough Group put forward a plan for a new phase of life for the old rural town, and Grimm Heights was reborn again. Now a planned community, with no expense spared in construction and a population of well over 10,000, Grimm Heights is the fastest growing census-designated community in New York State! A wonderful place to visit or live, Grimm Heights has something for everyone.

Places to Go

  • The Promenade is an award-winning architectural marvel, reviving the old tradition of the outdoor shopping arcade with a modern flair. Shops of all sort line the Promenade, and a study arched glass roof keeps shoppers dry even in a downpour while allowing in light of the frequent sunny days. Almost anything you'd care to find can be found at The Promenade.
  • Grimm Heights High School was constructed along with the rest of the town, and is equipped with all the modern amenities. The basement houses a large swimming pool, a top-notch multipurpose gym sits alongside the main building, and a full-size baseball and football field are maintained to high standards on campus. The Grimm Heights Bobcats mostly play teams from neighboring counties, as the only other high school in Grimm County is in Otter Run, though there is a traditional rivalry with their native Rockies. In addition, thanks to the heavy use of automation and computers in the school administration, costs are kept low while student performance remains consistently high.
  • The Ballough Community Worship Center is the largest single building in Grimm Heights and capable of housing the entire population of the town with room to spare! The finely-decorated frescoes were painted by noted Italian artists and Pastor Ballough is firmly dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of the community. All faiths are welcome, and several customized services are available.
  • The Grimm Heights Multiplex is the largest theater in any of the surrounding counties, with 13 screens, stadium seating, digital sound, and an outdoor park that houses film festivals from time to time.
  • A community is only as good as the medical care it can provide its residents, and Grimm Heights UrgentCare is second to none in this area, with a modern hospital sporting a large residency section for assisted living and a top-notch trauma unit - but don't let that take the place of good safety precautions when climbing the scenic Catskills Mountains!
  • Grimm Heights is a safe community, but it's the hard work of Chief James Card that keeps it that way! The Grimm Heights Sheriff's Office contains some of the most up-to-date technology and the highly-trained deputies are ready to respond at any hour for the safety of residents and visitors.
  • City Hall is the heart of city and county governance, and its no coincidence that the beautiful building was designed for openness and natural lighting. Mayor Angeline Bradford believes in transparency and community values, and has kept Grimm Heights on the path to success since its foundation.
  • The Hilltop Housing Community is a gated community, constantly expanding and with luxury living solutions starting at reasonable prices! Be sure to check out the adjoining private beach and yacht club on beautiful Grimm Lake.
    • The Grimm Heights Public Library is located in a quaint building just outside of Old Grimm Heights. Though once a country mansion, it has served the community for more than 50 years as a repository of knowledge, including an expansive collection (the largest in the United States!) on the life and times of Edward Grimm.
  • Other Services
    • Reginald's Save-More! and ULTRA SAVE-MORE! - Multi-purpose unified shopping experience.
    • Biltgas Service Station - Gasoline and Car Servicing services.
    • Gulp n' Dash - Quality dining, low price!

Sights to See

Aside from being a vibrant community, Grimm Heights has some of the most beautiful scenery and exciting attractions in the region. With a storied history and a wealth of local legends, there's something for everyone in Grimm Heights!

  • The Grimm Heights Mine Museum occupies much of what used to be the mining settlement of Grimm Heights, and is a fantastic educational opportunity for all ages. Includes a mineshaft tour for the adventurous! Open Spring through Autumn.
  • Crop circles abound in the area around Grimm Heights. Explanations vary, from geological or electromagnetic disturbances to extraterrestrial attempts at contact, but no one can deny the intricate beauty of these spontaneous geometric patterns. Most common Spring through Autumn, and though they appear sporadically, Grimm Heights isn't known as the crop circle capital of the Northeast for nothing! See if you can't get lucky!

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