Privacy Grenade

With the rise of omnipresent sousveillance thanks to nanoscale data-gathering technology, privacy is, in many places, a thing of the past. This is why the privacy grenade was developed. Initially a weapon used by neoprimitivist guerrilla performance terrorartists (most notably to disrupt the Lunar financial exchange in Erato for a full 90 seconds, leading to a microrecession as a result of unsupervised He3 instatrading) , the criminal element and subversives of all stripes have adopted the privacy grenade as a valuable tool in whatever less-than-legal endeavor they may be engaged in.

Unlike an EMP, which can permanently damage some aspects of electronics (even the modern solid-state ones), the privacy grenade uses a combination of various white-noise generators and nanophages designed specifically to seek-and-destroy any nanoscale devices designed to transmit or record data (thus having a minimal impact on macroscale devices). The end result is that all surveillance of an area is effectively nullified for a period of time (depending upon the range dialed into the grenade - 30 seconds or less for a 50m radius, all the way up to five minutes for a mere 5m radius, and of course dependent on things like local weather conditions).

Needless to say, many habs and polities (particularly in the inner system) consider the use of a privacy grenade to be a criminal act, and will usually respond to the sudden loss of data from a location. [Cost: Moderate]


A pod of phosphorescent chemicals that activate when squeezed or triggered via mesh. It is also coated with reactive grip pads, so that it can be easily adhered to surfaces. These are especially popular for microgravity applications. [Cost: Trivial]

A Lightblob Extruder is a highly specialized Maker. A feedstock canister is connected to a nozzle that, at need, produces a lightblob. [Cost: Low]

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