Fujou Xi

Attributes + Skills

  • Might 2
    • Athletics 2
    • Fight 2
    • Hardiness 2
  • Speed 3
    • Initiative 2
    • Dodge 3
    • Finesse 3
    • Melee 3
  • Presence 6
    • Confidence 3
    • Grace 4
    • Inspire 3
    • Perform 4
    • Persuade 4
  • Genius 3
    • Learning 2
    • Politics 3
  • Wu Wei 4
    • Awareness 3
    • Investigation 2
    • Ranged 2
    • Senses 2
    • Stealth 3

Kung Fu


  • Swift Striking Sash (Silver) 4


  • Unfolding Glory (Gold) 6

Secret Arts

  • Story of the Self
  • Secret Arts of Intrigue
  • Controlling Passions
    • Inflaming/Soothing
    • Elemental Progression


  • Quality Jian (Distracting) - Swallow Song
    • Speed +10, Strike +5, Damage +5
  • Wealth 3
  • Perfect Beauty


  • Female Homosexuality
  • Admonitions for Girls
    • Status in the Jade Dragon Society
  • A Woman's Life
    • Treated Like a Warrior Despite Best Efforts
    • Attracts Fangirls By The Gross
  • Courtship
  • Lucky Valley
    • Bandit Vanquisher!
  • The Hoshang Temple
    • Hunted by Hoshang! (How was she supposed to know they weren't bandits?)
    • Friend of the Brothers In All But Name

Various Notes

Fujou Xi has been employed as a court clerk, an emissary, a circuit judge, and a dozen other titles in her short years, but it is by far her actions as a warrior that have earned her fame! Trained by the mysterious Emei Sect and later by the great Jade Dragon Society, it was she who ousted the cruel magistrate Shen Gao, whose lewd and profane demands upon the women of his town were legend throughout the province! It was she who, when the villainous bandit Peng Chua-kah demanded a dowry of ten thousand gold ingots from every eligible maiden in a besieged city, routed the wicked force and claimed Peng's head! Her legend's reach exceeds the grasp of her name, and across a region the tale of the swordfighter Sparrow Sword is told!

Unfortunately they tend to leave off the fact that Sparrow Sword is a woman. For this and other reasons, Fujou Xi attracts a truly baffling number of lady admirers.

Sparrow Song is Fujou Xi's faithful sword, a masterwork jian she commissioned herself from a famous swordsmith. It has a minor flaw, however - it's no less effective than a sword should be, but a curious notch in the blade catches the wind whenever she fences with it, producing a strangely beautiful whistling very much like the song of a Sparrow.


  • Destiny Total: 135
  • Destiny Spent: 125
  • Destiny Remaining: 0


  • Ba: 1


  • Xia: 2
  • Corrupt: 0
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