Game Concept And Rules

The Basics

Dawnworld is a setting based loosely on a Dwarf Fortress worldgen. This provides a canvas for the background of the game, but the game is not slavishly devoted to the background history generated by DF (try looking through Legends sometime and see how easy to use that system is). Basic things to keep in mind include:

  • The World Map (Caution, very large.) Most is fairly self-explanatory, though some elements may require some further detail.
    • The purple areas represent the influence of evil upon a region. The island on the bottom-right has a blue area that represents a good-aligned swamp, the only overtly good-aligned region in the setting.
    • The yellow area near the bottom is not a desert, but a savannah.
    • The blueish-gray at the top represents a massive glacier icecap.
    • Many details are not visible in this map due to Photobucket being shit. Apologies; further detail maps will be available as necessary.
  • The primary races in Dwarf Fortress are Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Goblins, and these will likely remain the major powers of the Dawnworld setting. However, other D&D races are acceptable for player characters; Half-Elves, Halflings, and Gnomes greenlit up front, others upon approval.
    • That is not to say that goblins are okay unless you have a really damned good reason.

Rule Stuff

  • The system in question is AD&D Second Edition. We're rolling d20s oldschool.
  • The stat generation method is Roll 3d6 twice, take the higher result.
  • The Slow Advancement optional rule is in effect. Races with a level cap require twice the experience to advance past that cap in that class.
  • The optional rule for Proficiencies (Weapon and Nonweapon) is in effect.
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