Choi Family Drama

The Choi family compound is a Stanford torus hab in Martian orbit. While the hab's official name is Lustre Mid the Stars, it is almost universally referred to as Choihab, even among members of the family. Aside from several members of the Choi family, most notably Phoenix himself, a support staff of nearly a thousand transhumans keeps the station running and attends to the needs of the Chois where AIs simply won't do. Even with the support staff, the hab is almost deserted, comically oversized for the number of people living there, and it is quite possible to walk the perimeter ring for hours without actually seeing anyone.

Choihab's perimeter ring, the 130m ring designed for habitation, is maintained at a solid 1g by Phoenix's decree, and is host to a number of creatures bred especially for Leonardo, the family's pet velociraptor, to hunt. Different sections of the ring mimic a number of different Earth climates, and the architecture of the buildings varies, drawing from a number of old cities as inspiration.

  • Phoenix Choi is one of the oldest transhumans alive, and a pioneer in the field of psychosurgery. He is known for pushing his own mental capacities further than anyone outside the exhuman community. Accusations of him being a singularity seeker have led to a number of "disappearances" with the victims reappearing and recanting any anti-Choi statements. Strangely, none of his children have ever displayed the slightest interest in the science or practice of psychosurgery, except Durango.
  • Durango Choi is Phoenix's firstborn daughter. She rarely leaves his side, and acts as his assistant and broker in most dealings for the reclusive Phoenix. Editorial cartoonists sometimes portray her as Phoenix's Muse.
  • Sedona Choi is reknowned systemwide as a composer. She plays 11 instruments like a virtuoso.
  • Odessa Choi designs copy protection mechanisms for CM blueprints. She loathes open-source advocates with a strange passion.
  • Yuma Choi is an Assistant Administrator at the Ma'adim Vallis Complex. She specializes in xenoarchaeology and is responsible for cataloging extraterrestrial artifacts.
  • Artesia Choi is a highly talented negotiator, and is currently on Venus attempting to head off the rising power bloc of the Morningstar Constellation.
  • Colby Choi works as a Research Administrator at Prosperity Group.
  • Salina Choi directs a joint venture between Cognite and Somatek dedicated to uplifting canines.
  • Sierra Choi is on the board of directors at TerraGenesis and is a famous advocate for massive terraengineering megaprojects. Her fondest dream is to see transhumanity create a Dyson Sphere. Roswell's closest sibling.
  • Cheyenne Choi is a vice-president in charge of memetics at Cognite. Cheyenne is also the only sibling Roswell hasn't ever met.
  • Leonardo Choi is an uplifted velociraptor and the Choi family pet. He bites. Phoeni has never been known to object because he feels that being mauled by a velociraptor builds character.
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