Better Habs And Products

Food and Other Consumables

  • I Can't Believe It's Not Condor!
    • One of the most popular snacks among the Martian underclass, this meaty bar of protein isn't condor, but you'd be hard pressed to tell. Manufactured by Prosperity Group.
  • Fruity Oaty Bars
    • A competitor product that is both fruity and oaty despite containing neither fruit nor oats. Manufactured by Fa Jing for some bizarre reason.
  • Emo Paste - Because your food should be as lonely and sad as you!
    • A Cognite product, laced with nootropics that promote lassitude and pessimism regarding the state of the world.


  • DECOMPRESSION - Juan Nyugen's most explosive vid yet!
  • Who Wants To Fertilize My Ovum?
    • Experia's hottest new reality show, in which a team of various transhumans are vying for the chance to fertilize the ovum of a person whom they know nothing about.
  • Eight Tentacles of Fury!
    • Latest in a series of vids starring Armless Quan, an octomorph martial artist of some repute. Aficionados of the martial arts turn up their noses at the scene where Armless Quan dives out a window firing no less than eight Desert Eagles at once, but pretty much every other transhuman agrees it is the single most awesome thing that they have ever seen.
  • Four Little Tigers
    • A popular children's vid, highly surreal with rapid cuts. Popular in the Korean and Mandarin communities, this vid mostly teaches morals regarding the value of industry, commerce, and a stable society. It also has a highly ironic following among the hipsterautonomist subculture, and pirated Four Little Tigers doujinvids and flashmob cosplay are almost disturbingly common.
  • Southern Spring
    • A public relations campaign for TerraGenesis' latest ventures in terraforming the rugged Martian highlands. Deemed necessary after a Barsoomian preservationist radical melted a major TerraGenesis facility in the Southern hemisphere with a few metric tons of superthermite.

Public Service Campaigns

  • Keep it Together - Don't Fork!
  • Never Again - Report Unlicensed AGIs!
  • Condor - The Manatee of the Future!
  • There's a morph for that! - A popular Skinesthesia ad campaign
    • Need Lance Henriksen to lay eggs in your chest? There's a morph for that!
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