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Objection, your honor.


Atticus is tall and lean… scratch that, she's downright skinny. But she makes up for it with her force of personality and her silver tongue. She takes up more space than she by rights ought to, she brooks no bullshit whatsoever, and she dresses like a woman who is In Charge. Usually? That's more than enough. Her hair is brown and unruly; her eyes are bright and green like sunlight on wet leaves. Her skin? Pale, but that's what they make sunscreen for, right? (Someday, Forces. Someday.)


Atticus is easy to get along with as long as you don't go out of your way to annoy her. She's proud and ambitious, but she does care about others; she wouldn't have taken a job as a public defender (and wouldn't do pro bono work on top of that!) if she didn't. She actually believes that the judicial system should be about justice, and is not about to sit idly by while the rights of others are violated. She swings between an almost Friday-ian just-the-facts-ma'am approach and flashy and attention-getting performances in court, whichever she thinks will advance her case better. She's flexible, as long as it gets her what she wants; if it doesn't, she's like a brick wall.

And yes, she's gay. That means you can stop hitting on her now, Dio.


Meredith is a local girl, who managed to get through her first 18 years without really making a splash. Her academics sometimes left a little to be desired, but she pushed through on sheer talent rather than effort, and a series of extracurricular activities and community service made her an attractive enough prospect that she was able to attend Scripps, followed by UC Hastings for law school. Her university years were the first time she really allowed herself to indulge in the attraction to women she had always felt, and it was extremely liberating for her, even the flings that were probably a terrible idea to begin with (Like that crazy girl, Henrietta, that she met in a coffee shop. Yikes. Way too intense.).

Though she loved California, she knew that Santa Fe needed public defenders, especially public defenders who actually gave a damn, so she returned home, a little older, a little wiser, and completely unprepared for the wall of corruption she was about to slam headlong into. Judges colluding with prosecutors, cutting under-the-table deals to sentence juveniles to adult for-profit prisons… it completely tore down her conception of the justice system, revealing the lie that justice had anything to do with it.

It also revealed to Meredith the greater Lie. In the middle of a case, with a judge dead-set on the conviction of her demonstrably-innocent client, she saw the deeper Truth for the briefest of moments. The beating heart of corruption embodied. The immense structure built up against her, in favor of the prosecution, in favor of conviction…. and its weak points, which she so elegantly demolished, sending it tumbling to the ground in shambles. She barely even recalls what she said, but by all accounts it was truly inspired. She finished her most spectacular of performances by signing her name with a flourish upon a great scroll, filled with the names of those who truly stand for Justice and Truth.

She still has that legal pad. She keeps it in her desk, to remind herself why she does what she does, and that the capital-T Truth is always there, as long as you're willing to see it.


Perhaps it's a bit much, but Meredith's taken the name "Atticus" for her work among the Awakened. Given her prominence (well, okay, not prominence, but public image) in the Sleeper community, it probably wouldn't be hard for any of them to look up her real name. It'd be terribly rude, though! She's presently on her probationary period for the Fraternidad (she prefers "Sororidad," thanks) de la Ciudad d'Oro, which she got into more on the basis of making connections with insiders (one in particular) than anything else. Still, she very much appreciates the ideals of social justice and hopes she can steer the cabal into making a bigger difference for the Sleepers of the city.

She is on good terms with the courtroom staff, even living with one for the time being (it's not like that! we're just friends!) She's also cultivated contacts among the law enforcement community, purely professionally of course (really! I mean it!). Thanks to her reputation for actually doing her job, she's also made some… connections among the less law-abiding citizens of the area (I waited until she wasn't a client anymore! no conflict of interests here!).

Name: Meredith Harper Sherwood Concept: Single Female Lawyer
Player: Vera Virtue: Justice
Chronicle: Vice: Greed
Order: Silver Ladder Cabal: Fraternidad (y Sororidad!) De La Ciudad d'Oro
Power Intelligence ●••○○ Strength ●○○○○ Presence ●•○○○
Finesse Wits ●•○○○ Dexterity ●•○○○ Manipulation ●••○○
Resistance Resolve ●••○○ Stamina ●••○○ Composure ●••○○
Mental (-3 unskilled) Physical (-1 unskilled) Social (-1 unskilled)
Academics () ••○○○ Athletics () •○○○○ Animal Ken () ○○○○○
Computer () ○○○○○ Brawl () ○○○○○ Empathy () •○○○○
Crafts () ○○○○○ Drive () •○○○○ Expression () ••○○○
Investigation () ••○○○ Firearms () ○○○○○ Intimidation () •○○○○
Medicine () ○○○○○ Larceny () •○○○○ Persuasion () ••○○○
Occult () ••○○○ Stealth () ○○○○○ Socialize () •○○○○
Politics () ••○○○ Survival () ○○○○○ Streetwise () ••○○○
Science () ○○○○○ Weaponry () ○○○○○ Subterfuge () ••○○○
Academics The Law
Empathy Cross-Examination
Persuasion Legal Arguments
Merits Details
Resources ••○○○ A pitiful public defender's salary, but she's good with money.
Library •○○○○ A law library, Sleeper and Awakened.
Status •○○○○ As a public defender, Atticus has access. Not much, but she does.
Contacts •••○○ Lawyers, Police, and Criminals
Arcana Tools
Mind •••○○ Atlantean Equations
Space •○○○○ A key, hammered from cold iron
Life ••○○○ Cannabis?
Rotes Dice Pool Mudra
Augment the Mind Resistance + Academics + Mind Drawing her thumbs across her temples
Body Control Wits + Intimidation + Life Taking her own pulse
Cleanse the Body Stamina + Streetwise + Life Pressing on her solar plexus
Emotional Urging Manipulation + Empathy + Mind Drawing her thumb across her lips
Wisdom Health
10 ○○○○○ ○○○••
9 □□□□□ □□
8 Willpower
7 ••••••○○○○
6 □□□□□ □
5 Gnosis
4 ●○○○○ ○○○○○
3 □□□□□ □□□□□

Size: 5
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: 5
Speed: 3

Experience: 5
Experience Spent: 4
Spent on: Rote: Emotional Urging (4)

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