There are many tales of the Ishinari Athena. Athena the Wanderer, the Far-Walker, the Grey-eyed; Athena whose blood-red Ishin, Aegis, has taken a thousand thousand heads. The very mention of her name has ended battles. Of course, it's also started them. Only this much is certain: Athena is a woman, tall, strong, carrying a blade like a rainbow and as deadly outside her Ishin as in it. Near-human, her eyes have threefold pupils, wreathed by a trio of irises, a thin carmine one surrounded by grey; her ears and teeth are sharp as razors.

Stories of Athena have circulated for as long as anyone can remember. Many scoff at the idea that one woman could be behind all the rumors. Surely it must be a name used by many women over the long years. And yet, it is said that Ishin make their pilots immortal…

Whatever the legends may say, the truth is that Athena is very, very old, and tired. Tired of life, tired of war… She's so old she doesn't remember her childhood. Doesn't remember where she's from. Doesn't remember her mother's name, or even her face. All she knows is being an Ishinari. She's seen dozens of generations starve to an ignominious death. Her patience has worn thin over the centuries, and if she lets an annoyance live, it's because she's so sick of it all that she can't be bothered to draw her blade and shut the bastard up permanently.

Eventually someone will recognize her, either by her eyes or by her blade or by her Ishin, and the scramble will be on. Every hot-shot wants to be the one to claim he beat Athena the Grey-Eyed, after all. And so she'll have to kill them, and the others that come. She finds work, from time to time, either trading on her skill (when she can be bothered to display it) or on her name itself - though that's a double-edged sword. Sooner or later, though, she has to move on. She can't settle down, because she has something she has to find. Someone she has to find.

Because the Far-Walker does have hope, or at least, once had it. A reason she has traveled, from world's end to world's beginning, across the Broken Lands. Perhaps the thing she seeks is just a myth. A fairy tale. A dream. But when you get to be her age, you've had all the other dreams already. This is the only one she has left.


  • Stats
    • Body +1
    • Mind +1
    • Spirit -1
  • Secondary Stats
    • Defense: 5
    • Resist: 2
    • Health:** 3
  • Skills
    • Athletics 1
    • Awareness 1
    • Dodge 1
    • Etiquette 1
    • History 1
    • Language 1
    • Melee 2
    • Survival 1
    • Unarmed 1
  • Ishin Skills
    • Assault: 2
    • Strike: 1
    • Motion: 2
  • Advantages
    • Ancient (Major)
    • Beauty
    • Good Luck
    • Fortune
  • Disadvantages
    • Infamy (Major)
    • Unsettling
    • Amnesia
    • Ennui
  • Equipment
    • Irioeides (An Ishi folding blade, glistening with a rainbow scene) (Medium/Heavy Weapon)
    • Light Armor (+2)
    • EL 60

Ishin (Aegis)

According to the legends, Aegis is a mech that towers over all opponents, long of limb, bearing a thin sword that resembles Athena's rainbow blade more than a little. Blood-red, elegant of form, a finely-honed killing machine, perfected over centuries of warfare by her pilot. The legends say that Aegis is alive, that it can think and feel, and that it alone is the only thing that Athena truly loves.

Regardless of the latter, the former certainly isn't very true these days. When war broke out in Veroa, a city-state across and beyond the great desert to the south, when it was torn apart by civil war between the ruling caste and their slaves, Athena was moved enough to enter the fray on behalf of the oppressed masses. On the very verge of victory, when it looked like Athena might be able to leave a place better than she found it, the ruling caste revealed their trump card: a Doomsday, which they deployed as a last resort, unsure of what effects it would even have, or what yield it could possess. It destroyed their enemies, to be sure, but it also destroyed them, and the city that had stood since before the land was broken, and in its wake left only a glowing crater five miles across. Only the ancient strength of Aegis saved Athena, and even then it was crushed nearly beyond repair. Only scavenging parts from other Ishin that could not bear the strength of the Doomsday allowed her to coax her beloved Aegis back into a semblance of function, though that function was much reduced. The Ishin is still recovering from that terrible blast, and still bears the scars, in the form of burns, cracks, parts from other Ishin secured on by cable and cloth… Aegis is completely unrecognizable, at least at present.

Armor: 4
Speed: 4
Structure: 5 ([0] [-1] [-1] [-2] [-2] )
Assault Dmg: +5
Strike Dmg: +1
Inspiring: 1
Terror: 1
Defense: 5
Powers: Bursting Assault
Specialization: Thick of the Fight

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