Aeon Phase

Design Abstract

Eclipse Phase and Trinity share many themes in common. In order to run a game in the Aeonverse setting but using the Eclipse Phase ruleset, the only things needed are to remove the technology not prevalent in Trinity (such as resleeving and uploading) and to create a more robust PSI system to accommodate Trinity's reliance on the concept.

Many of the implants written out of the setting can easily be repurposed for psionics effects, particularly those of the biokinetics.

The PSI system in Eclipse Phase relies on sleights that are largely unconnected to each other, while Trinity relies on a sequential series of tightly defined powers. I feel that the best way to split the difference is to go to a system not unlike that of charm trees in Exalted. For example, biokinetics would have power trees (terminology is something we need to work on) oriented around specific organ systems, such as the epidermis or the nervous system, that they could then alter in certain ways (for example, developing chromatophores to aid in camouflage, or rewiring the nervous system to gain access to extra actions).

Biokinesis, Telepathy, and Clairvoyance are the three aptitudes that need the least work, as most of their effects are already built into the Eclipse Phase system as implants or PSI sleights already. Vitakinetics (healers, essentially) can probably be modeled with some application of the medical nanomachine selection, and electrokinetics will rely heavily on beam weapon and hacking rules. Psychokinetics will require a great deal of work, as telekinesis is something completely out of the realm of player characters in Eclipse Phase. Teleportation, likewise, will have to be crunched from the ground up.

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